Dior | Capture Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion

I have been into the cushion compacts for quite some time now and have tested and tried some formulas that have amazed me. I was recently shopping for some skin care products for my mom whose a Dior Addict for her whole entire life and I got my eyes on the new Capture Dreamskin Cushion Compact (C$98.00 for 15 g, plus one full-sized refill). The associate that represented Dior did a color match and I was in love with first sight. She tried two shades on me 010 Ivory and 020 Light Beige which I could tell immediately 010 Ivory was a perfect match to my skin. It carries a very natural and sheer coverage with a SPF 50 which sounded amazing to me.

This updated formula provides more hydration and its complexion perfecter features the correcting power of Dreamskin. I have had used Dreamskin for a very long time (reviewed here) and it was one of my favorite serum.

Look at the Compact: 

One of the reasons why I loved this cushion compact is that it’s a skin care compact (not a foundation compact) that blurs out all the imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles and leaves skin flawless. Plus the formula contains SPF 50+ which I find is pretty amazing. Dreamskin Cushion Compact has a limited shade selection but they cover pretty much all skin tones. Given the limited color selection I was happy that I found a perfect match to my skin. It has very natural coverage but manages to even out the skin tone and redness on the face. The sponge is very thin and absorbs the perfect amount of product to apply. You really have to test this product to see how beautifully it performs. The Finnish looks like skin but much better, you may want to apply your regular makeup routine after the application to get a full glam look but this really makes skin looks flawless. When I use it pores disappear and fine lines are no longer look like they are visible.


Swatches of few other Cushion Compact formulas that I find is very close to this compact:

The Compact of course is well designed. It comes with a mirror and a spot for sponge, its easy to pop out to replace with the extra refill. One of the other reason why I loved this product was that I found this to be so much closer to my La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil (reviewed here) but in fraction of price. I’m thoroughly impressed with how it works on the skin. Its like your skin care and sun screen that comes in a compact. I loved that you can use it as a base while you can carry for touch ups. It really freshens up the skin and blurs out all imperfections.

After using it for only a week I can say that my skin already looks so so much better, it does give skin a natural glow. I love how it feels weightless and like skin on the face. I do apply my concealer when I need more coverage as well as a layer of foundation, it just looks so much better. I do have a sensitive skin and this one did not irritate my face or cause any breakouts.
You can find the Capture DreamSkin Compact in store and online at Sephora, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

DreamSkin Compact was purchased by me.