Your Ultimate Guide for Sheet Masks

I have been seeing the sheet mask through social media every where but I never trusted the hype behind it until I finally got my self prep with one that was setting in my skin care drawer for more than a year (I think). The minute I try it one and after 20 minutes I knew I needed to get deep in this and find more about sheet masks. They have been popping up in the western world just recently while it have been an ultimate skin care product in Korea for decades. If you’re not familiar to sheet masks they’re a soft cotton/fiber cloth soaked in skin loving essence and oils that gives immediate results. They’re designed to fit your face with some eye, nose and lip holes so you can see and breath.


They’re super easy to use especially when you’re on the go. I find its amazing to carry in flight with you, it gives every thing you need at once. There is no need to wash it off – you just peel it off and pat the left over ingredients into your skin or I use the left over ingredients from the bag and apply it on my hands. The results are immediate since the sheet acts as a barrier to help the serum stay longer on your skin so the product penetrates deep into the epidermis. There is not limit on how many times you can use them, you can use them as your daily routine. There are quite a lot of sheet masks in the market for different skin issues whether you need hydration, plump, brightening or a collagen-rich formula – there is a lot. There is no right or wrong with sheet masks, it’s just a very personal choice. I have been testing quite few different formulas with different price range so here is a quick guide for sheet masks.

  • LANCOME GENIFIQUE – This is a #1 anti-aging serum mask that immediately hydrates, regenerate and restore skin. It targets all signs of wrinkles, fine lines and any other aging signs. This mask immediately leaves skin youthful and smooth. This mask is great if you have dull and uneven skin texture as well as fine lines and wrinkles. It comes in all together one sheet which is very ideal for every one to use. I have been loving this for its immediate smoothing effect results.

  • SHISIDE BENEFIANCE PURE RETINOL INTESENSE SHEET MASK – This is a highly concentrated sheet mask that encourages skin’s natural recovery function. This mask adds a nice radiance with a surge of hydration to your skin, this also contains Pure Liquid Retinol which gives that suppleness and smooth skin we all dream of. This one comes in two different sheets for different parts of your face to fit your face better. I have been loving this for its immediate hydration and radiance results.

  • ESTEE LAUDER ADVANCE NIGHT REPAIR CONCEANTRATED MASK FOR FACE AND EYES – This is a mask with a repair technology. It comes in a foiled-backed sheet that created a protective barrier and allows potent technology to penetrate fast. Definitely one of the best sheet masks I tried, its formulated with two times hyaluronic acid where each treatment delivers a surge of liquid revitalization. as the name describes its formulated with double dose of Advance Night Repair Serum’s powerful moisture magnet. The Advance Night Repair Concentrate mask for eyes also comes separately which I find it an amazing idea for those with dry and fine lines under eye area this works heavenly. There are quite some brands who carries under eye sheet masks but this one of the best formulas. It immediately smooths out the skin and preps the skin for a flawless makeup application.

  •  SEPHORA SHEET MASK– Sephora carries some cute and great collection of masks in bio-fiber sheets that hugs your face for more effective results. They’re all designed for all skin texture. I find them works great for hydration and radiance. The sheet mask collection from Sephora carries every thing you need from your face to your feet. There is some thing for your lips, hands and feet as well. I have been absolutely loving the feet sheet masks when you can literally get a brand new feet in 20 minutes, perfect for the days that you don’t have time for a pedicure. Just put them on after your shower and by the time you’re done with your skin care or makeup, your feet looks refreshed and beautiful. Lips Mask is another amazing one to try especially during winter time and they’re definitely more affordable.

  • RODIAL SNAKE BUBBLE MASK -This detoxifying bubble mask generates O2 bubbles to remove dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil revealing a brighter looking complexion. Purifying bamboo charcoal deeply cleanses and unclogs pores for fresher, smoother looking skin whilst a rich blend of collagen, ceramide, vitamins a & e and peptides leave it revitalized. I find this one works great on oily skin and really works on pores.

  • RODIAL VITAMINE C CELLULOSE – This is one of the sheet masks that instantly boosts complexion’s luminosity levels. Skin looks and feels hydrated and brighten. Its formulated with Korean bio-cellulose which is an ultimate luxury treatment for a more glowing and youthful looking skin. It blurs out the fine lines and combat any signs of aging.

  •  BURT’S BEES HYDRATING SHEET MASK: This a super affordable and effective mask that is formulated with 99% natural ingredients. Its a perfect sheet mask for get skin super hydrated. Its infused with clary sage to instantly moisturize and balance the PH of your skin. I found with this mask it doesn’t fit on face properly and slides off the face slightly than other but still a great way to get skin a surge of hydration when you need the most.