CLARINS | Lip Comfort Oil New Shades

Clarins have released four new shades of the Instant Lip Comfort Oil (C$25 each) this June. I have been loving that jelly and lush moisturizing feel of these lips oils back from December where Clarins came with a limited edition of this Lip Comfort Oil in Red Berry scent (reviewed here). If you’re new to these lip oils these are luxurious lip oil treatments that smooths and comforts lips. These lip oils carries high shine along with a hint of color with plumping effect. They are also infused with a blend of hazelnut along with organic jojoba oils which gives lips an instant hydration upon application.

These are great to prep lips before lipstick application or wear it alone or on top of your lipsticks for a perfect glossy effect. Although they do clam that these lips oils carries plumping effect I didn’t really see the effect, I would say the plumping effect is very mild. The new shades come with different scents and one of them carries golden shimmers that I think makes it perfect for this summer time. The new colors include:

  • Candy 04 – this is a soft sheer pink color with cherry, raspberry and strawberry scent. It smells very sweet.
  • Tangerine 05 – is an orange color with fragrance based on red currant. This one carries an “intelligent” pigment that creates a personalized coral colour.
  • Honey Glam 07 – this one is my favorite, it carries gold flecks as shown below. This carries honey based texture with transparent color, which adds a naturally glossy finish to the lips and also it applies smoothly.
  • Mint 06 – this is a sheer green with a double volume effect. It does smells like mint but not too intense.

Closer look at the packaging, applicator and swatches:

I loved the packaging, they come in a clear glass with twist cap applicator which keeps the oils from leaking. The applicator carries a very thick cushion which takes out enough product for one time application. The Lip Comfort Oil originally came in three shades and a limited time color during December. I haven’t tried them in their original colors but I did try the limited edition just inside the store back in December. Having said that I really can’t compare the new shades with the other ones. I found the coverage is very sheer I didn’t find much difference overall in texture and coverage on all three except the Honey Glam. You really don’t need to have all of them, the only other difference between these oils are the scents. I personally loved the sweet scents on these oils and I fund the scent on Tangerine is a little more intense that all others. Candy and Tangerine is also designed to react with the pH of the your lips so the color creates more personalized with your skin chemistry. The Instant Lip Comfort Oil are available now at all department store at Clarins counters as well as online at .

Many thanks to the Clarins team for sending these sweet treat for reviewing considerations.