Clarins | 2016 Makeup Collection – The Essentials

clarinsFor this Holiday season Clarins have released a limited edition 2016 Makeup Collection Eye Shadow Palette exclusively available at Hudson’s Bay Company and This Collection contains The Essential Eye Makeup Palette ($62) and Instant Light Lip Comfort oil ($25). I find this collection is perfect way to present it to your loved ones, it makes a beautiful gift set for this Holiday season.

Up first The Essential Eye Makeup Palette ($62) is a gorgeous 10 intense color eye-shadow palette which is formulated with an achiote flower. I always have been very impressed by the pigment and quality of the Clarins eyeshadows all the time. The eye-shadow shades comes in a large reusable mirrored compact and double-ended eyeshadow brush decorated with the key ingredient in the formula. This eyeshadow palette have different textures including satin, matte and metallic. You can create many beautiful rosy eye look for this holiday season with this eyeshadow palette, it does carry a step-by-step guide line to create two beautiful eye look.
Closer look to the palette and swatches: swatches holiday eyeshadow-2clarins-eyeshadowneutral

  1. is a creamy peach color in matte finish which can be used to highlight the brow bone.
  2. carries a fresh pink shade in satin texture.
  3. it is a soft grey pink in matte that I love to use as a transition color on my crease.
  4. this one is my favorite one and the only shade in metallic is pink diamond touch, it definitely adds more glam finish to the look.
  5. is a beautiful grey mauve color in satin with fine shimmers. eyeshadow-jpg1 swatches-of-eye-shadow
  6. this one carries a muted plum color in satin with fine shimmers.
  7. carries a purple grey shade in satin finish with fine shimmers.
  8. is a taupe color in satin finish.
  9. aubergine comes in matte finish, where you can add to lash line for more definition to the eye.
  10. is a beautiful copper brown black in satin finish carries beautiful pink shimmers.

I would say it’s a good neutral palette that carries a wide verity of colors to create many looks. The palette’s colors are arranged in a beautiful way, where there are good selection of different shades with different pigments and textures so you can get a taste of every thing. All the colors carries a very nice warm undertones, all with nice pigments. Most of the colors are buildable in pigment and eyeshadow primers adds more life to the eyeshadows. The texture is soft and you can prevent the eyeshadow fall outs by tabbing off the excess products before application.  I found you can layer the eyeshadows for more dramatic look. The package is Eco-designed where the palette is reusable – I find the eyeshadow panes are larger than most of the other eyeshadow palettes.
I personally love to play with matte finish eyeshadows on daily basis, and I was very impressed with stain finish texture with this palette. I think it is one of the most typical eyeshadow palette that I would carry with me all the time and I wouldn’t need any thing else. It just carries the right amount of highlighting, shading and deep colors with right textures for me.

Up next the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil ($25) is a hydrating lip treatment in Red Berry scent which gives lips a sparkling brilliant color. This is also have been themed after the achiote flower on the cap. This Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is infused with rich active ingredients, which directly inspired by the expertise of Clarins face and body oils. The texture is supper light and leaves lips shiny with no sticky feeling at all. This lips oil have a very sheer coverage, As many of you know by now how I have a very dry skin and lips, oils are my best friends from many years, I found this lip oil treatment really keeps lips well hydrated and doesn’t leak. The Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil have a very well package, and the cap twist on tightly so there is no leaking issue especially while you want to carry it around with you. The tip is covered with a thick and soft cushion that distributes the oil evenly on lips.eyeshadow

Over all I personally loved both The Essential Eye Makeup Palette and Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil . If you’re some like me who play with neutral colors all the time then love this eyeshadow palette, it have a well coordinated eye shadows colors to create many different looks for day and night. The satin eye shadows have enough texture to add a glamorous finish to the look. Meanwhile the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil have become a must for me during this dry weather time, it provides enough hydration to the lips without feeling sticky. You can find the Essential Eye Makeup Palette and the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in all Department stores, pharmacies as well as on like on

The Essential Eye Makeup Palette provided by Clarins team for reviewing purposes.