Clarins | Extra-Firming Day & Night Cream

Clarins just introduce a reformulated version of their Extra Firming anti-aging skin care line for day and night ideal for women in their 40’s. This skin care duo puts spring back in your day and night skin care routine. If you’re not familiar to the Extra Firming anti-aging skin care range from Clarins – this is an anti aging cream for day and night that visibly reduces fine lines and rejuvenated skin for more younger looking skin. This Extra Firming anti-aging moisturizers are ideal for all skin tones and texture (Oily, Normal, Dry).

The Extra Firming anti-aging moisturizers carries a very lightweight and silky texture and works toward firmer and smoother looking skin. It’s infused with Kangaroo flower which helps to preserve the skin’s youthful. This is a perfect duo for ladies who wants to look after their skin before the first sign of aging to appear. It also helps to even out skin texture and enhances skin’s radiance. You can easily introduce this to your day and nightly routine without any hustle. I have always been loving the skin care products from Clarins, one of the reasons that I like this duo is that they are not formulated with Parabens. If you’re someone who’s already using the Extra Firming range then you’ll definitely love the new formula.

First look at the Extra Firming Day cream (C$88 for 50 ml) is a light weight formula that deeply hydrates and works toward firmer, rejuvenated skin. The new formula provides an immediate smoothing effect and boosts the skin for a more younger looking complexion. The texture is creamy and gets into the skin without heavy or stick feeling. It carries a very subtle and light scent that is very pleasant and doesn’t interrupt if you have a sensitive nose. It reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles plus contours face for more sculpted look. It works for all skin tones and textures without leaving any crease or oily residue.
Here is a look at the Extra Firming Night cream (C$93 for 50 ml)  is a very light weight moisturizer that gets into the skin while it works for smoother and visibly firmer looking skin. Introducing both day and night cream at the same time – really targets the fine lines and wrinkles, it also gives skin that nice hydrating and even out look in the morning. I didn’t deduct any fragrance in the Extra Firming Night cream which gives it a huge thumps up for me. Any king of scent does interrupt with my sleep, so I prefer to stay away from any kind of fragrance at the night-time.

Bottom line I have been a huge lover for the Clarins skin care product and I was supper excited to find out that the Extra Firming Day and Night cream have been reformulated for better and couldn’t hold my self from sharing the news. Extra Firming Day and Night creams are now available in store and online at Clarins and Sephora.


Samples were provided and courtesy of Clarins.