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Clarins have recently launched 3 Boosters (C$40 each for 15ml) with ultra-concentrated formulas for stressed out skin. These boosters are especially designed for ladies 25 older who are in need of urgent treatment to give a nice boost to the skin just by adding a couple of drops into the regular daily skin care routine for a more radiant and glowy skin. These Boosters can be used any time of day just by mixing 2-5 drops to your regular morning or evening skin care routine, mask or foundation. I love how you can customize your own Boosters depending on your needs but you have to make sure since these Boosters are highly concentrated to never use them alone or mix them with each other. These Boosters can be used as a short-term treatments to boost the skin from the environmental stress. These Boosters comes in three different types to target different skin texture. FullSizeRender (1)

  1. Energy Booster – tones and re-energizes the skin, leaving skin more radiant and glowy. This Booster is designed for those who deals with late night routines and hectic lifestyle. It works for exhausted parents or moms who gets dull skin during dieting. This Booster’s main ingredient is Ginseng which preserves youthfulness. This was one of my favorite from the Boosters of all since my hands are always full with my two little ones and working on the blog late night my skin does looks dull most of the times. I loved using this with my morning moisturizer and foundation, it literally gives my skin a quick boost. I have been adding it to my morning routine only three times a week (just one drop to my moisturizer), just like a treatment. I also have tried it with my foundation just to see how it works, it works a wonder with the foundation (for all type skin), the foundation sets well and skin looks luminous. My skin does looks much better than before, more radiant and bright. FullSizeRender (2)
  2. Repair Booster – is great for those who are in need to repair their skin. This booster does help those with Sunburn, extreme climates or those who deals with hard, salt or chlorinated water. The mean ingredient in this booster is Mimosa Tenuiflora which helps to heal the wounds. Using this booster will helps to sooth and strengthen the damaged skin. I was not a good candidate for this Booster since usually avoid extreme sun during summer time and I do get into water once in a while. But I am looking forward to use it during extreme winter weather in a few months and will definitely report on how it worked on my skin. FullSizeRender
  3. Detox Booster – this was definitely a booster that I wanted to try, especially loved adding this in my nightly skin care routine since detoxify skin works the best while the environmental stress and pollution is at least but you can use it any time of the day for a quick boost to your skin. This was just the way I preferred to use it at night-time. The mean ingredient for this booster the Green Coffee Beans where it’s highly enriched with caffeine, I was very pleased with the out come, I found my skin did looked much plumped and radiant after using the Detox Booster the next morning. For me just one drop was good enough to cover my whole face where you can use 3-5 drops depending on your needs.


Bottom line all three booster are great to introduce into your normal day skin care routine if you’re looking for an immediate result. I have been using the Energy Booster and Detox Booster in to my morning and evening routing respectively just 3 days a week to use it as a treatment for my skin from last 3 weeks and have seen a dramatically result to my skin. My skin looks more radiant and plumped than before. They’re sold separately so you can really customize it in your own way. If I had to pick one I would definitely would pick the Energy Booster but all of them are the winner for me.
These Booster are available on Clarins contours at all department stores since August 15 2016 as well as online at .

Many thank to Clarins Group Team for sending the press samples for review consideration