IMG_0054Burberry has released a new lipstick formula called Burberry Full Kisses (C$31 for 0.07 oz) and is limited edition. I have received the Burberry Full Kisses in two shades Nude Blush No. 501 and Coral Red No. 525. There are eight gorgeous shades all together from soft and gentle tones to more vibrant colors. The Full Kisses from Burberry is a full coverage lipstick with long-lasting power of up to 8 hours. The formula is creamy and buttery with a luminous finish. It’s packaged in twisted pen looked for on to go application which is a huge plus for me. The top of the lipstick has been designed so it can follow every curve of the lip to contour and adds definition for an ease application to create a fuller and more defined look within just one swipe. It glides on smoothly onto the lips and don’t look dry, having said that I find they doesn’t emphasize the lines or look heavy/thick on the lips. It is always nice to prep the lips with a lip balm for a few minutes and then wipe it off before applying the lipstick.

A closer look to all shades:

pickerimage (1)
The lasting power is quite good, they aren’t budge proof but they do stay put fairly long. The Burberry Full Kisses are infused with triple active formula which saturates lips with moisture for a smooth finish. I must say both shades Nude Blush No. 501 and Coral Red No. 525 are my favorite and in real life they look very natural and smooth on the lips. They both intended to pull off the warmth-tone on my skin and ends up gorgeous on my complexion. I do have obsession on smelling the lipstick and these lipstick from Burberry do smell great. Here are some of close compared swatches for both shades.

Comparison swatches for Nude Blush No. 501:


Burberry Full Kisses Nude Blush No. 501 
Dior Addict 369 (discontinued)
YSL Baby Doll 8
Qua (from a long ago)
M.A.C Please Me

Comparison Swatches for Coral Red No.525:


Burberry Full Kisses Coral Red No. 521
NYX Indie Flick
Clinique 02 Melon Drop Pop
Clinique Happy Pop

Over all a huge thumbs up for these Full Kisses from Burberry, they feel and look supper luxurious. There are so many good colors in this collection, but if I were pressed to pick my favorites Nude Blush, Coral Orange, Lilac and Rosewood are the winners for me. If you’ve picked up any of the colors let me know what you ended up with! I would suggest to take a look at these beautiful collection before you find out it’s gone. I find with limited editions they go out quickly. You can find them in store at Sephora and Burberry and online at Sephora.com and Burberry.com.

An Overall look to both formulas:

pickerimage (2)

At the end I have been obsessed over both formulas in any terms, quality, pigment, lasting power and definitely the look. Both formulas are light weight and comes in great range of colors. Textures are smooth and silky, Kisses Sheer (permanent) with transparent texture and Full Kisses (limited edition) are full coverage. Burberry has introduced these new collection so there is some thing for every one. For me both are winner, I have been playing with these from some time now and both have become a must for me. You can find both formulas at Sephora store and online Burberry.com and Sephora.com. If you’re passing on these what’s your favorite lipstick formula or color of the moment? Please comment on my Instagram account and let me know.

The Burberry Lipsticks were provided courtesy of Clarins Fragrance Group for review consideration. Many thanks to the team for kindly sending them to me to play with, I don’t think I’ve had this much fun playing with lipstick before.