5 Skincare Products you should get Excited about this Spring 2023

It’s the most exciting part of the year when I get to find the plumping and fresh new skincare launches. 2022 has been quite an amazing year when it came to skincare launches and I found the brands really did the job to bring promising skincare products that have been effective and stable in the skincare routine. I think 2023 brings in more excitement as I have already seen so many amazing skincare products and here are some I’ve been testing and loving the most.

Fenty Beauty Niacinamide Watch Ya Tone 5% Niacinamide Dark Spot Serum with Vitamin C – this is a cocktail of anti-aging ingredients along with brightening anti-inflammatory ingredients to not only boost skin’s radiance and adds plumpness it also helps fade any uneven tone or spots on the skin. I love that the product is hydrating and carries calming and soothing effect on the skin which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It comes in refillable packaging.

Drunk Elephant Bouncy Bright facial Brightening Mask with 10% Azelaic Acid + 1% Salicylic Acid This is a leave-in mask that you can introduce to your daily and nightly skincare routine as a finishing step. This is more like an all-in-one skincare product that will do everything for your skin but if you have sensitive skin the formula is a little more intense than it looks. You may want to start slowly and in your nightly skincare routine to build up skin tolerance and make sure to wear sunscreen. It really adds a nice radiance, and fades spots and plumpness to the skin. I’ve been pairing it with F-Bal Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask to give skin that extra boost of hydration. I would highly recommend trying this in your nightly skincare routine and do not pair it with any other acids or alternate them.

It Cosmetics Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Serum – this is an overnight serum that feels a little thicker than a serum but has everything you need to wake up with glowing and smooth-looking skin in the morning. I’ve been a huge lover of the It Cosmetics Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Cream which has been stable in my nightly skincare routine and this new addition is complementing the line for bringing in more effective results. This has been in my nightly skincare routine since I’ve got my hands on and the results are insane.

L’occitane Immortelle Shea Body Balm – This is a nourishing body balm that carries all the skincare benefits you need to get your skin glowing. The formula helps reduce the appearance of dark spots which I find very interesting (I haven’t heard of body balm with anti-aging properties). The formula transforms into having an oil feeling once applied to the body. If you’re looking for that perfect body moisturizer then this is it. I would say this is a must-have if you have dry skin.

Trinny London Peptide + HA Serum – this is a super hydrating moisturizer that immediately adds plumpness to the skin. It’s a formula with advanced Peptide and Hyaluronic acid that helps boost skin’s collagen and elastin production as well helps with fine lines and wrinkles. I love that the formula is lightweight but deeply hydrates the skin.

I hope you find the post helpful. These new skincare products are quite amazing and effective and they have been on rotation in my skincare routine.

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