New Fall Beauty Finds + Essentials

I am excited to share some of the best beauty products I have been obsessed with for the fall season. There are quite new launches happening right now during this season yet today sharing some of the new beauty products I like to reach out along with a few staples that are going to be versatile throughout the year for their performance.

Foundation, Concealer & Powder

For my foundation, I have been reaching out to the new Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint constantly for its natural and flawless finish. It has a blurring effect on skin and it’s lightweight with coverage that is sheer to buildable. I love it wearing it almost every day, it keeps my skin look perfect for every day with a natural finish. I think the lasting power is quite impressive and is a perfect transitional base at the moment.

For concealer, I’ve always been into Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer for its texture, coverage and long-lasting finish especially when I like to use it as a corrector yet they just introduced their new Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Full Coverage Concealer which has performed incredibly on my skin, especially around my eye area. It’s super lightweight, it doesn’t set or emphasize the fine lines around the area with high pigment formula. Plus it wears really well throughout the day.

I received three shades from the collection all in Bisque Neutral designed for Light and medium skin, with a neutral undertone. They all performed quite well under my eye area to correct the dark circles.

  • Buff Neutral 215 is a perfect shade with peachy undertone to cover obviouse darkness under the eye area.
  • Bisque Neutral 260 is a light peachy tone that covers the darkness + doesn’t requite coverup with another base for natural look.
  • Bisque Neutral 330 is a nice neutral shade that is perfect to cover imperfections on my complexion.

It’s been a while since I’ve got to test or try the Hourglass powders but finally, I got my hands on the new Ambient Lighting Palette Volume ll. Hourglass powders have been very close to my heart including their blushes. I love how they finish skin very well without drying it up. The new palette carries a better selection of the warmer shades in their pan. You can use this palette to set your makeup and add warmth + glow to your complexion. I am not a huge lover of powders but this palette makes me happy that I can use it almost all over my complexion without looking cakey or dry + adds enough glow to my taste.

  • Soft Light is a soft nude ivory beige finishing powder with a nice subtle sheen that I can easily set my foundation and my under eye area.
  • Radiant Light an beige finishing powder, with warmer tones that gives an all over glow to the skin.
  • Golden Bronze Light is a warm golden bronze with shimmers and I can easily give my skin that nice soft bronzed look I like to get all year long.

Eye Makeup

I am a neutral lover and most of the time brown, bronze and gold works quite well for my everyday looks. Urban Decay Naked palettes are my on the go depending on my mood and for the season they have introduced the Mini Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette. The palette is a more comprehensive version of the Naked 3 palette (reviewed here) and featured six rosy neutral tones. The shades are very easy to apply and layers beautifully on top of each other.

  • Glassy is a soft ivory sheen
  • Public is a soft peachy-champagne with shimmer
  • Laced Up is a nice dusty-rose in matte finish
  • Stolen is a mauve with shimmer
  • Right Time is a grey-plum in matte finish one of my favorite shades
  • Spiced is a deep charcoal-brown with purple sheen finish

This is a perfect rose nude on the go palette, where you can easily create many amazing looks easily.

When it comes to eyes mascara and liner are the things I can’t miss out on them. I want them in full swang and bold. It Cosmetics It Hero Mascara has been one of my favourites by far yet they just launched a new Hello + Lashes this season and it’s AMAZING! It’s an easy-to-wear volumizing smudge-proof mascara which is a huge plus point for me.
At the same time Liners are essential for me but I like to use gel liners so they stay longer and are easy to wear since I like the smudge look. Nars Cosmetics just launched their Climax Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and what I like about this liner is that its matte finish, waterproof + smudge resistance. The formula is quite black and the applicator is another part that I was super impressed with. It’s not that regular sponge applicator it’s a brush applicator which makes the application 10X easier.

Lip Products

When it comes to lip products I am a minimalist. I like formulas that are hydrating and wear easily. Lip liners and chubby sticks are a must-have for me and I just got my hands on some amazing formulas that are incredibly amazing.

New Em Cosmetics Soft Blur Velvet Lip Liner

I just discovered Em Cosmetics for the first time, I receiver their Soft Blur Velvet Lip Liner. The formula is soft and glides beautifully on lips with an opaque finish. The collection comes in an amazing range of shades that are wearable.

Hourglass Confessio Ultra Slim High-Intensity Refillable Lipstick

This is not a new fall launch but a recent discovery from Hourglass but I got my hands on their new Confession Ultra Slim High-Intensity Refillable Lipsticks in some of the beautiful shades that are quite gorgeous and wearable for the fall season. They’re ultra-slim so very easy to wear as lipstick or lip liner under your lipsticks with a saturated finish. They feel super comfortable on lips. The selection of shades is quite amazing and think there is something for everyone. You get 0.03 oz/ .9 g for $48 which I think is slightly pricey but they do feel quite nice on lips.

  • You Can Find Me is a beautiful deep Coral Pink is a perfect fall red.
  • I Woke Up is a perefect Dusty Rose and perfect for every day wear.
  • I Believe is a nice Vivid Pink for a pop of color for the season.

Skin + Bodycare New Finds

You all know I am a skin + hair junkie especially when I get closer to drier months. I have been testing quite some new formulas that have made an incredible effect on my skin and hair which for many I will or already have a full detailed post.

I have been continuously using the It Cosmetics Vitamine C Serum along with the Hyaluronic Acid which has made a tremendous effect on my skin you can find the details in this Post. In the mean, while I have been reaching out to the U Beauty Hydrating serum for exceptional hydration and glow. It has cut down my skincare routine steps for the past couple of weeks.

As weather changes, I try to add richer texture to my body + skincare routine and I think I came across the best body moisturizer EVER – the new Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream that melts on skin like an oil. Its formulated with tropical oils and butter for long-lasting hydration. I fell in love with it within its first application and its non-sticky with a fresh and tropical fragrance.

Hope this Fall beauty roundup was help full. There are quite some other new launches as well as some fall fragrance post coming up next that I am super excited to share with you all.


It Cosmetics | Bye Bye Serums

It Cosmetics just launched a selection of Serums that are designed to target and combat the most common skin concerns like fine lines, dullness, pores, and dark spots. I have been a huge believer in concentrated serums to treat skincare concerns and I was super excited to find these new serums come from a brand that I trust and a brand that has always impressed me with its skincare and beauty launches all the time.

I was introduced to It Cosmetics during my blogging period from the brand itself by their best selling and award-winning Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream that was back in 2017 and I was immediately impressed with their selection of skincare and beauty products that I got to test they offered. The brand has dramatically grown since then with such a great selection of beauty products. I was really honoured that I was one of the many bloggers that got to find the press samples ahead of its launch date to try and see the results.

Each serum is designed with two mean components to work together to effectively treat and bring out maximum results. I also find they’ve been priced very well for what you get compare to many other well-known brands.

Here I have the details of the entire Bye Bye Serums and yes I’ve tried them all and I have seen and huge results on my skin texture and appearance for the last 4 weeks of use. Here are the details + how to use them effectively on your skincare routine.

Bye Bye Lines
1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This is a serum with 1.5% hyaluronic acid and a peptide-vitamin B5 blend to visibly plump skin and smooth lines in just 2 weeks. I have used quite a lot of Hyaluronic Acid yet there are only a few that works incredibly on the skin and this one is one of them. I absolutely love how this serum is formulated with a combination of ingredients like a peptide + vitamin B5 that visibly and effectively smooths out the fine lines and wrinkles in a minimum period of time.

How to Use: Hyaluronic Acid is best to use on damp skin, it just helps penetrate deeper into the skin and adds more hydration. I personally like to use essence or a facial setting spray before application to help the skin get well hydrated. As much as it’s important to use it on damp skin it is important to lock the hydration with a nice moisturizer. Any good moisturizer will help you to seal the hydration for a good amount of them.

Bye Bye Pores
10% Glycolic Acid Serum

This is a serum that works against pores. This is formulated with 10% glycolic acid to gently exfoliate skin plus hyaluronic acid to visibly minimize pores and adds plumpness to the skin. Both of these two ingredients are formulated together for fact that glycolic acid tends to dry out the skin while hyaluronic acid boosts the skin’s hydateration level to normalize skin for much better results. This formulation works great on oily + combinations skin, I also found it works nicely on combination + dry skin as well since the formulation carries Hyaluronic Acid, so it balances out the skin’s texture while it keeps up with its hydration level. If you have larger pores with dry skin, I would suggest only apply it to the affected area to treat pores.

How to Use: It is important to apply Glycolic Acid to the areas of the face that are not too thin like under the eye area and lips. It’s also important to use a nice rich moisturizer after Glycolic Acid as the AHA can be drying out the skin. I say it’s more important to pay attention to those with dry skin, especially during the fall/winter months. I would definitely wear my SPF. Never layer glycolic acid with any other acid skin care products or those carrying acid ingredients.

Bye Bye Dark Spots
4% Niacinamide Serum

This serum is formulated with 4% niacinamide and 1% ethyl vitamin C and both are two mean ingredients for brighter and more radiant-looking skin. Niacinamide is one of the ingredients that is the best way to use to brighten pigmentation, especially pigmentation caused by acne. It’s much safer and more effective in evening out the skin than any other chemical ingredients. I have been in Niacinamide for more than 5 months now with other formulas but I find this serum has better offerings.

How to Use: The formula can be used all over the complexion but it’s important to wear a good amount of sunscreen when using Niacinamide. Although the formula is quite safe, it’s important to avoid the under-eye areas.

Bye Bye Dullness
15% Vitamin C Serum

Last but not least one of my favourite serums from the collection is the Bye Bye Dullness 15% Vitamin C Serum. I have used Vitamin C serum as young as 14 years old and it has always given my skin that glow. This is a concentrated Derma Serum for dull skin. You can really see and feel the vitamin C experience with this serum, it’s is pure Vitamine C!! The minute I got my hands on it I started using this in my nightly skincare routine and within two weeks I saw huge results and made me WOW.

Usually, my dark spots and frickles get quite dark during the summer season but it’s now more than 4 weeks that I have been using this serum and my skin never looked this bright and glowy before. I can literally go out without any makeup, knowing my skin is glowing. I absolutely love the combination of Vitamine C + Vitamine E – my skin looks nourished and glowing at the same time.

How to Use: You can add Vitamin C serum to your AM and PM skincare routine easily. Yet it’s always the best to use it in the AM with a good Hyaluronic Acid for glow and plumpness. It can be layered with almost all your skincare products except Glycolic Acid. You can not layer Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C serum for fact that it will cause skin irritation and will damage skin cells. Yet you can use them in different skincare routines.

I hope you find this post helpful, I have been testing these serums for more than 4 weeks now and I have seen huge results on my skin. If I have to pick my favourite from this collection for my skin type then it would be Bye Bye Dullness (Vitamine C) and Bye Bye Lines (Hyaluronic Acid). Both work great on my skin, I have been constantly been using both for the past 4 weeks and my skin is GLOWING.

You can find the entire collection available at as well as Linking some of my favourite skincare products you can pair with these serums below.


Guerlain L’Essentiel Primer Lightweight and Skin Soothing Primer, L’Essentiel High Perfection Natural Matte & Terracotta Sunkissed Natural Bronzer Powder

Guerlain launched a new base formula this season. Guerlain is one of the brands that I have been obsessed with before blogging and their foundation was one of my favourite bases which I had hocked quite of my family members with it at the time. I was super excited to test out this new formula from Guerlain along with its primer and the newly formulated bronzer.

L’Essentiel High Perfection Natural Matte

The new High Perfection Foundation is formulated with 97% naturally derived ingredients plus it’s enriched with skincare properties that bring a plus point for me. I usually look into the complexion products with the same concept that support the complexion day by day and this one keeps skin hydrated, and protects skin from pollution. The new foundation is probably my favourite formula that I’ve tried this year. It’s probably one of the bases that have impressed me with its first application. Both the Primer and foundation are crazy good for a flawless finish. The texture is light but the coverage is quite impressive. I would say it’s medium but buildable, it covers everything while it looks like your skin. I find the formula is suitable for all skin textures. The finish is matte but it feels very comfortable on the skin. Usually finding a good matte foundation is hard for me because my skin tends to look dryer most of the time but the High Perfection Foundation is long-wear, matte but not flat and looks fresh on the skin. It’s a matte foundation that I can easily wear during the day as well as at night and build the coverage instantly. The colour range is quite impressive with a great range of undertones.

Shade options come in W for warm, N for neutral and C for cool tones. Neutrals always work the best for me. I have been wearing it in 03N which I find is a good shade to my skin at the moment, it slightly has more pigment but I feel 02N would be better matched for my skin. I don’t tan a lot during the summer season especially since my face remains almost the same but my hands change a lot, 030N brings them together.

It’s been a foundation I’ve been reaching out to during the summer season over my glowy foundations when I go out for the fact that offers a seamless finish + amazing lasting power and doesn’t require powdering.

The foundation came with its special L’Essentiel Retractable Foundation Brush which I must say I have never used such a soft foundation brush before. It’s a flat brush that is designed to work on hard-to-reach areas of the complexion while it’s easy to carry along in your makeup bag for on the way touch-up and application. It does offer a flawless and seamless finish to the foundation.

L’Essentiel Primer Lightweight and Skin Soothing Primer

The L’Essentiel Primer Lightweight and Skin Soothing Primer are well described by their name. It has a blurring effect, leaves skin fresh plus minimizes the look of the pores. It is formulated with Avocado Extract and White Cocoa Bean Extract that helps absorb excess sebum and refines the look of pores prospectively. It definitely a great product for combination/oily skin but it has performed incredibly well on my skin during this summer season. It holds the foundation quite well for a good amount of time and preps skin for a good makeup day. Skin feels not oily but well hydrated.

For application, I found that the High Perfection Foundation works quite well with the L’Essentiel Lightweight and Skin Soothing Primer. As many know me, in general, I like to match beauty products within the brand. They’re often formulated to be compatible with each other and you get better results. I wore the foundation different way and find it finishes skin very well and there isn’t a need for setting it with powder. While it does fade out throughout the day, I found it slightly faded on my skin at the end of the day (I do touch my face quite often especially around the nose and mouth area where I notice the fading).

Terracotta Sunkissed Natural Bronzer Powder

A look at Guerlain’s Terracotta Sunkissed Natural Bronzer Powders. Guerlain just reformulated their iconic and bestselling bronzer with nourishing argan oil + 96% naturally-derived ingredients. Although the older formula was quite unique and amazing it’s now even better. This bronzer comes in six versatile shades to cover all skin tones and I find the shades don’t turn orange on the skin. They’re easy to blend, the formula is lightweight and brings an instant glow to the skin.

I have been a bronzer lover and have tried out quite different formulas. During the summer season, I often wear bronzer to add warmth and glow to my complexion. The texture is finely milled without any fallout. Usually, some powders start to emphasize lines on my skin but it’s not the case with the Terracotta Sunkissed Natural Bronzer Powders. I have been loving it in shade 03 Medium Warm which I find is a good way to add colour to my complexion. They have rich pigments that are easy to smooth out and build coverage. They look incredibly natural on the skin and lasts all day on my skin. I love how this transfer-resistant formula that I can wear easily with my white shirts during summertime with no hesitation.

Guerlain makes the best beauty especially complexion products. The L’Essentiel Primer Lightweight and Skin Soothing Primer, L’Essentiel High Perfection Natural Matte both are products that I will be reaching out to more often and they have become one of the must-haves in my makeup routine. The Guerlain’s Terracotta Sunkissed Natural Bronzer Powders have been something I have been loving for the natural finish and glow it offers plus its non-transferable formula.

If you’re looking for a new base I would highly recommend taking a look at the L’Essentiel High Perfection Natural Matte. All the newness is available at the Guerlain counter at all department stores as well as online at Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

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Press samples provided and courtesy of Guerlain.