Sunscreen Round Up for Face and Body

Summer is in full swing, covering our skin from harsh rays is a must. Personally don’t like the sticky and thick feeling of the sunscreen protectors, I also don’t like the heavy scent. I usually look for a BB cream, foundation or moisturizer to carry a sufficient amount of SPF to take me throughout the day. I do have sensitive skin, to begin with, and I know the sun will definitely add more sensitivity to my skin. Although I do avoid sunscreen on a daily basis since sunscreens carry a lot of chemical ingredients that I feel are not safe. This is my personal instinct, I do try to avoid going out in the sun from 10:00 – 2:00 during the day. But the days that I’m out with my kids for a picnic or gatherings outside I try to keep things simple on my makeup list. I love the natural and dewy look during the summertime, especially for the days that get too hot or humid.

Here are some roundups of sunscreens for the face and body that I have been testing for a while. Some of these products are truly new to me and some are my stables from many years that I will be repurchasing.


  • Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB Cream in Light
    • Broad Spectrum SPF 30, PA+++
    •  $67 for 40 ml (available in matte and natural finish)
    • Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 3.55%: Sunscreen, Octinoxate 3.74%: Sunscreen, Oxybenzone 1%: Sunscreen.
    • This has been my most favourite tinted BB cream. I found this not only protects skin, but it also smooths out everything and carries enough coverage to cover any uneven texture. This is a five-in BB cream formula where it does it all treat, hydrate, prime, protect and perfect skin’s surface. Although it makes a perfect base for your foundation I found it carries enough coverage for an everyday look. The texture is light and silky, and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. This is one of the products that I feel makes my skin glowing after wearing it for a couple of days. I would say it’s an invisible multi perfecting makeup with sunscreen. It carries multiple benefits for fresh and glowing skin.
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Instant Radiance Sun Defense Sunscreen in Light/Medium
    • Broad Spectrum SPF 40
    • $42 for 50 ml comes in two shades (light/medium and medium/deep)
    • Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide: A physical sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection
      Titanium Dioxide Physical sunscreen: protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays
    • This is an illuminating, colour-correcting and skin-blending tinted moisturizer that provides a flawless complexion while defending skin against harmful free radicals and hash rays. I have been loving this every day, it carries good enough SPF to take me throughout the day. The texture is light with sheer coverage, it instantly adds a nice sun-kissed glow to the complexion. I do add a drop of one of my full coverage foundations to get more coverage when I need it.
  • Shiseido Sports BB cream in Light Naturel
    •  Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ WetForce
    • $46.00 30 ml (available in three shades)
    • Active Ingredient: Octinoxate 4.9% and Titanium Dioxide 15%: Sunscreen
    • This is a lightweight with sheer finish coverage water-resistant BB cream. I found this one has a long-lasting power which I think is perfect for those active days out in the sun. I loved how even out the skin for a natural finish, you can also mix it with your foundation for more coverage. It’s totally transfer-resistant BB tinted sunscreen, where you feel safe while getting active while wearing a white shirt. It carries a very light texture where it doesn’t feel greasy or think on the skin.
  • Bioderma Photoderm Mineral compact in Golden Colour
    • Broad Spectrum SPF 50+
    • $29 for 10 g (available in two shades – Light Colour and Golden Colour)
    • It’s a nice on-the-go sunscreen that comes in a compact form. It’s easy to carry while on the go. I love how this is specially designed for this skin sensitivity to chemical filters and fragrance. This is one of the sunscreens that I found is associated with 100% mineral origin filters. The texture is light and carries a sheer coverage texture plus it finishes to powdery finish so there is no greasy feeling at all. It adds a nice healthy glow to the skin.


  • Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protector
    • Broad Spectrum SPF 40
    • $40
    • This is one of my most favourite sunscreens to date. I received this in one of the influencer boxes I received from Influence in sample size. The texture is feather-light and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all. I love this for the fact that you can apply it to your face and boy and the texture is super hydrating. Makes a perfect foundation base for those summer days. It’s totally undetectable on the skin.
  • Bioderma Photoderm Milk
    • Broad Spectrum SPF 50+
    • $27 for 100 ml
    • Active Ingredient: Octocrylene: 10%, Bisoctrizole: 6%, Avobenzone: 5%, Bemotrizinol: 2,5%.
    • This one of the milky textured sunscreen that gives nice hydration to the skin without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin. It carries the highest protection you need from the sun. It’s perfect for those with sensitive skin to the sun. Skin that is sensitive to the sun. I personally prefer using the cream rather than spray application.
  • Jouviance 100% Mineral Sunblock
    • Broad Spectrum SPF 30
    • $35 for 50 ml
    • Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide: 8.0%, Titanium Dioxide: 6.7%
    • This is one of the sunscreens that I found to be 100% mineral-based and perfume free. I loved the lightweight texture, it doesn’t clog pores and it’s water and sweat resistant. And as many of you know I love products with 0% Nanoparticles and parabens. This is also infused with moisturizing argan oil and vitamin E. It’s invisible on the skin and makes a good base for foundation. It’s also designed for sensitive and allergic skin. I loved the pump packaging, it’s easy to carry in any bag while you’re on the go.
  • Clarins Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray Moderate Protection 
    • Broad Spectrum SPF 20
    • $36 for 150 ml
    • This is a lightweight spray lotion sunscreen with moderate protection but it stays input for a long period of time. I love using this on my lower body, the texture is milky and is designed for sensitive skin. It’s lightly scented, which I found to be very mild. It’s infused with Aloe Vera and the Olive tree which protects the skin and leaves it soft and smooth. I find this to be safe enough to apply it to my kids.