Spring Décor Refresh with Nest Fragrance Lime Zest & Matcha Collection

As many have already started to refresh/organize their homes right at the beginning of the year, I like to keep things as is till February as I like to get into every corner of my house and get things done just right before Nowroz which happens to be March 22 and it’s actually when everything looks right as it really feels like spring. This year, it even makes it more significant as Ramadan starts right on the first day of Spring and I really wanted to bring a claiming, and refreshing vibe throughout my home. It’s the time of the year I really take the time to spiritually get connected, and I think bringing in that calming vibe brings the experience to the next level.

I have already organized my kitchen cabinets as well as refreshed my and my kid’s closets by adding new organizers and decluttering old items from the entire house or items I have never used or worn for the past year. You can find more on how I do it here.

For home, I have added and swapped a few items that bring that neat look which I will share below with you. And in the meantime, I am super excited to share the Nest Fragrances Lime Zest & Matcha Collection. You all know I have an obsession with Nest Home Fragrances and their Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Collection (reviewed here) & Driftwood & Chamomile (reviewed here) have been the ultimate way to bring calming scent throughout my home yet the new Zest & Matcha is something new from the brand for spring 2023. The Zest & Matcha scent brightens up the mood with notes such as line zest, green tea and clary sage along with bergamot. The scent really brings that freshness and calming aroma throughout the home and in the meantime, I love the bright light green vibe that goes so well with my other home décor items.

Get the Look

I hope you have got inspired by this post. The new Lime Zest & Matcha Collection is just incredible and if you get the opportunity I would highly recommend sniffing this line and you’ll know what I am talking about.

I am happy that I’ve achieved things as I planned for this spring. I will be sharing more home and cooking posts in the upcoming days as Ramadan starts.

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