Olehenriksen | PHAT Glow Facial™ Mask

Olehenriksen just introduced a new facial mask PHAT Glow Facial™ Mask (C$65.00 for 50 mL). This is an age-fighting face mask that offers a complete facial with potent PHAs and Nordic birch sap to exfoliate and brighten skin at the same time. Its designed for all skin types and works great on dark spots, dryness and fine lines. I have been a long time lover for Olehenriksen’s skin care products some like Truth Serum which is one of the most amazing products have used before. Yet after a very long time I was able to find some newness from the brand. This is a super hydrating facial treatment that brightens and nourishes the skin just within 15 minutes.

It has a pink Bubble gum-like texture that feels on the tick side and activates once you start massaging into the skin. It blends into the skin smoothly tuning into a white past which is an indicator that the mask have been activated and you can leave it for about 10-15 minutes so it works its wonders. After rinsing this you really see skin that have had a good facial. The complexion looks brighter and feels smoother and looks well hydrated. I love how you can use this just before your makeup application for a most beautiful finish of your foundation. Its gentle enough to use it up 3 times a week, I have already used it more than 3 times for the past 10 days and i can see my skin looks so much brighter. It’s good for my super sensitive skin!
The packaging is designed very neatly and perfect for easy application where ever you are. I find this is one of the most easy packaged and tidy mask that you can travel with while there is zero mess with application and removal. You can leave it on 15 minutes on you skin and just clean it with a nice warm facial towel that you can use any where.

At the bottom, a huge thumbs up to this amazing product. I can say its one of the products that gives me that perfect skin look when I need it. I’m usually very picky when it comes to mask (specially ones that carries chemical exfoliate). I don’t like the heavy feel of product or the ones that really strip the skin. But I found this one is an easy option when you need that perfect skin. It’s easy to carry and very easy to apply with no mess. This PHAT Glow Facial is now available exclusively at Sephora.

Press sample was provided and courtesy of Olehenriksen.