O.P.I | Hollywood Collection

As many of you know I am obsessed over the O.P.I nail polish collections. And this time O.P.I just launched their Spring2021 Hollywood Collection to celebrate OPI’s 40th anniversary. This is one of the most beautiful nail collections with a combination of bright and pastel shades to bring freshness to your nail looks.

The colours and the names are inspired by Hollywood where its OPI birthplace. At times my nails weren’t in good shape at all, they were breaking continuously. I got myself into some vitamins to help. But I manage to get some good swatches here. I find the entire collection is opaque and you get nails nicely covered with two codes. All swatches are with two codes.

Award for Best Nails goes to…

A beautiful blue nail polish color that is carries a nice jelly finish.

Bee-hind the Scenes

Beautiful bright yellow nail polish to brighten up your summer mood.

Destined to be a Legend

A nice soft tone blue nail polish. You can wear this all year long.

Emmy, have you seen Oscar?

A perfect bright red nail polish.

Hollywood & Vibe

My favorite vibrant pink nail polish.

I’m an Extra

Wear this terracotta nail polish for an extra-ordinary look. Perfect everyday nude.

I’m Really an Actress

A perfect plum shade with glitters.
“This red nail polish will star in OPI’s newest, hottest Hollywood Collection.”

Rated Pea-G

Try this green nail polish for a glamorous gleam of color. Its a daring shade but very adorable.

Suzi Calls the Paparazzi

A sweet pink nail polish.

15 Minutes of Flame

A bright fuchsia nail polish has a flair for the dramatic.

Most of the shades are wearable for me. They go very well with my skin tone except for some shades like 15 Minutes of Flame, Rated Pea-G and Strawberry Margarita. They wear quite nice and with good lasting power.

Press sample provided & courtesy of O.P.I.