Mother’s Day Gift Guide Fragrance Round up

We’re just couple of days away from Mother’s day. If you have a mother like me, who already has everything then this round-up is for you. I know my mom is a fragrance lover like me, although every time she says “you don’t have to get me anything” I do try to get some thing that bring a smile at her face or just giving her the feeling of my love toward hers, and what she does for me and my siblings is always appreciated. Here is a round-up of some gift inspiration from fragrance department that includes lots of new and limited editions that will help you make you’re mother feel especial this Mother’s Day.

  • Mugler is offering new addictive fragrances this season, all limited editions! they’re all exclusive and makes a perfect gift for your mother this Mother’s Day. I have reviewed the Eau Sucrée Eau de Toilette from Angel line and Alien Divine Ornementation which have become my latest obsession from fragrances.

    Angel Neon Eau de Perfume (C$98.00 for 35 ml)  & Alien Neon Eau de Perfume (C$98.00 for 40 ml) both are Limited Editions – These are refillable fragrances with very unique and exquisite designed bottles. The lasting power is amazing on these.

    Alien Eau Sublime (C$82.00 for 60 ml) Limited Edition is one of the most energizing with fresh and luminous scent I have worn. It carries beautiful notes as mandarin and jasmine making every women feel sublime and brings a sensation of well-being. It has a perfect mix of floral citrus scent to please anyone. It comes in a very luxurious looking white glass bottle with gold details that resembles the original Alien’s packaging.
  • Valentina Blush (C$132.00 for 80 ml) Limited Edition is a very feminine fragrance with an orange blossom wrapped in indulgent notes of praline. This was my first time trying on a fragrance with an orange blossom note, and oh my I was thinking how the world I was living. I have never tired the fragrance collection from Valentino, don’t have any idea about other scents from this brand but this is so divine. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect blush color to complement the name.
  • Poison Girl (C$72.00 for 30 ml) from Dior is one of my most recent stables fully reviewed here. If you know your mom and she’s into floral scents then look no further, this is some thing you want to consider. It carries a very high notes of rose making it unique and feminine.
  • My Burberry Black (C$145.00 for 3 oz) from Burberry is one of the fragrances that you can never go wrong with (fully reviewed here). It carries high notes of jasmine flower along with rose making it a very floral and sexy scent which complements all ages. Its one of the most classic fragrances I know by far. The thick glass bottle adds a luxurious finish.
  • Chance (C$133.99-176.75) from Chanel is yet another classic and very charming perfume. When it comes to fragrances it’s very hard to pick a scent for some one, I feel it’s something very personal. But I think you can never go wrong with picks like this one from Chanel.
  • Jimmy Choo L’eau Eau De Toilette  (C$ 107.00 for 90 ml) is clean, feminine with a modern twist. It has a brighter feel with top notes of Bergamot and Hibiscus flower and heart notes of Peonies. The combination of floral, fresh and musky notes makes it fresh where it’s not too floral and not too sweet. The bottle it self is elegant and very exquisite.