Make Up For Ever | Aqua Ink Liner & Aqua XL Color Paint

Make Up For Ever just released two new additions Aqua Ink Liner (C$30.00 each) & Aqua XL Color Paint (C$31.00 each). These are highly pigmented eye liners and shadows that comes in absolute range of colors from bold to metallic. Make Up For Ever always comes in with great products especially designed for the makeup artists, giving them the ability for exceptional creation and showing off their art. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands into the more colors and shades to the products so I can really show off the color selection for these amazing products. I only received two shades from each line from the brand but I have attached the swatch guide for both line to show the amazing color range.

Up first is the Aqua Ink Liner is a highly pigmented eyeliner with ultra fine tip for a precision application. Although these are not new product from the brand but there are new vibrant color additions to the line with waterproof and smudge-proof formula. Now the Aqua Ink Liners  come in 15 shades from matte, metallic, diamond and lustrous finishes.  I tried to pull out the color swatches to show off the verity of colors now available, some may look the same but mostly they come in different texture so I would highly advise to browse in store for the swatches to pick up your very own favorite color and finish.

L-90 Lustrous Violet

I received:

  • Metallic Gold – is a translucent yellow based eyeliner with golden shimmers.
  • Diamond Brown – this is a dark brown shade with lustrous finish.

They stay input as long as you want to keep them with amazing lasting power, especially during the hot and humid weather conditions. You have full control over the application as well as coverage. The texture is buildable and layering it over once the first application is dried creates more dramatic texture and coverage. This Aqua Ink Liners comes in with a soft sponge tip applicator that gives a precise application creating lines from thin to thick easily.

Up next Make Up For Ever introduces the Aqua XL Color Paint which are highly pigmented and creamy shadows with waterproof wear up to 24 hours of staying power. These comes in 20 shades that include in matte, lustrous, and iridescent finishes. The pigment is very rich so a little goes along way. You can wear them as an eyeshadow or as eye liner both way it performs amazing. I found these have the same texture as a gel linger, they do dry off very quickly or in other words you have to work with these quite quickly. You can layer them for more bolder looks or use your finger tips for a sheer out look.


This definitely gives versatility to makeup artists creation as well as it gives the ability to create staple looks with different shades and colors. It carries an amazing staying power, it lasted the whole day for me without a budge. You can also mix the colors the create more shades and colors.
I received:

  • Lustrous Dark Blue – this is a dark blue shade almost close to navy shade with lustrous finish.
  • Matte Yellow – is a matte pure yellow color.

These Aqua XL Color Paint comes in tube packaging where I find it keeps the product safe from drying out as well as you have more control over product use. I definitely prefer the tube packaging over the pot (where some other gel liners come) for the fact that they dry out quickly.

Overall very impressed with both products in terms of staying power, color selection and performance. Although I don’t prefer wearing eyeliner or create wing liner for every day but I love the look of winged eye look during evening events and occasions. I would say these mostly gives makeup artist ability for their creation with playing with different colors and textures but some of the shades and colors are definitely too flattering to play during each season. Right now during summer season I love to wear some of the blue and turquoise shades from the Aqua Ink Liner collection and some of the metallic from the Aqua XL Color Paints are too beautiful to wear during the fall and winter time. As well as mixing them will give you more advance over creating different colors every time you wear. The Aqua Ink Liner and Aqua XL Color Paints are now available on and at Sephora stores right now.

Press samples were provided by Make Up For Ever.