L’Oréal Paris |Colour Riche Nail Polish


L’Oréal Paris have recently launched new nail liquor line Colour Riche Nail Polish. It comes in new look, quilted glass bottle with shiny golden brush holder. I find the liquid itself is a little ticker than the regular nail polishes, where you can get the true color with in one swipe. The brush it self is much fuller than the regular nail polishes where it makes it easy application with more product to fully cover your mail within one swipe. I got to try three different shades which I was very pleased with.


  1. Nude Demoiselle 114
  2. Cherie Macaron 440
  3. Carmin Parisien 554

Nude Demoiselle 114 is a nice warm light pink nude shade.  I usually prefer to wear nude shades most of the time, I find it really complements my skin tone. I totally adore this shade. Only with this one you really need three coats to get the true color, otherwise it’s very translucent. It takes longer drying time. It makes a nice sheer cover to the nails specially if you’re wearing French nails. It’s one of the shades that I can wear all year-long, and adds neatness to the nails.



Cherie Macaron 440 is a bright tropical Orange shade. It carries a nice solid color, and you can get a the true shade with two coats. I find this one was not that flattering with my yellow under tone skin. Even though summer is in the full swing and I totally prefer wearing nice bright shades but I am too picky with wearing nail polish. I think this will complement ladies with cooler skin tones.


IMG_1436 Carmin Parisien 554 is a nice bright red. You can really see the true color through the bottle. It carries a very high blue-based shade. This is a very bright and vibrant red. Out of all three shades this one is one of favorite shade. I love wearing red throughout the year, and I feel it’s one of the shades that really complements all skin tones. It carries a sold color and you can get the true color within just one swipe, I always prefer to wear two coats since it really finishes off the nails nicely. Since fall is right around the corner, I will be wearing this shade most of the times.


IMG_1435Out of all three the Carmin Parisien 554 is my favorite one, even though I carries many of the reds with different shades but still I can’t get over the bright blue based red. Nude Demoiselle 114 is also a nice classic half white where I believe all the ladies should carry in their nail polish collection. It always gives a neat finish to the nails when wearing half white.

Bottom line Bottom line I loved the new formula, it carries a much better and ticker brush which makes the application much easier. Carmin Parisien 554 and Nude Demoiselle 114 are both nice to have, not a must have. If you have similar skin tone like me, I would skip Cherie Macaron 440. Even though there are many shades to the line but unfortunately, I couldn’t get to try out all the shades. I am looking forward to new collections.

All three shades are available at your local drug store now.