Keihl’s | Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Kiehl’s just introduced their new Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Correcting Serum. This is a brightening serum to help reduce the look of dark spots on your complexion including post-acne marks.

Its formulated with Activated C which is a potent Vitamin C that is the main ingredient to reduce and fade the look of dark spots visibly. This serum is designed for all skin textures. I was super excited to introduce this new serum into my nightly skincare routine to fade out the dark spots on my skin. I feel like was born with dark spots and spot treatments and correctors are some of the main skincare products I use to control my sunspots and pigmentations I get overtime while I enjoy my outdoor life. I use different formulas to keep my skin brighten and to treat these dark spots.

You can use this serum partially on parts of your face or all over your face for a more even and brighter complexion. I have been using it in my nightly skincare routine and all over my complexion. I love how it doesn’t have a strong scent to interfere with my sleep. It’s lightweight and gets into the skin immediately while keeps the skin well hydrated. I apply it right after I cleanse my skin to deeply target those spots followed by my nightly moisturizer.

I have already seen a huge difference in my overall texture after 2+ weeks. Although I always use brightener serums and treatments but me and my hubby have been sneaking out of the house early morning for jogging which I neglected on my sunscreen. My dark spots and the pigmentation on those spots got quite obvious and much noticeable that I was uncomfortable in showing up my bare skin. It definitely takes time and consistent use of the product to see the difference, most of my light and premature spots are brightened while some stubborn ones will take time to fade away. I will be continuously be using this treatment till see them all fade away + I love how it hasn’t made my skin sensitive at all. Wearing your SPF when using any brightening treatments and formula is the key to protect the skin from further damage and sensitivity.

I do have some true and test skincare products from Kiehl’s that been in my skincare vanity and I have linked them below. I just started to use their Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Cleanser which so far is a hit cleanser for my dry skin.
If you’re looking for a nice gentle brightening serum, I would highly recommend this formula. I did see very obvious results and my skin looks much brighter.