How to Give Yourself a Quick and Easy Manicure at Home

Yes we’re officially in lockdown for more than 6 weeks now which means many of us are due for hair color or nail polish refresh or refill. Yet there are ways and some in home beauty tricks that we all need to try which not only refreshes our look, it takes that extra time that will keep us busy. If your grey hair is showing off click here to find easy ways to refresh them while for your nails here are some in home tips that will change the look of your nails.

Its always important to remove your nail polish with your favorite polish remover and once you’ve eliminated all color, its time to shape them with a file. It does take time and some experience to really come trough that shaping process but if you follow the same guide line as your previous nails shape then you’re good to go.

Here comes the tricky part, its time to push back the cuticles and remove any excess cuticle or dead skin with a clipper. Its always a good idea to use a cuticle softener which makes things a bit easy. Once every thing looks all clean and in good shape its time to buff away old cells from surface of nails with a file and clean the surface with a rubbing alcohol or a rescue repair pen.

And finally its paint time but for application practice makes it perfect, as well as applying on a flat surface is the best way to apply polish. Need to keep in mind to not get the brush too close to cuticles. As well as for more pigmented paints I would suggest to thinly coat nails with base coat which increases the wear and prevent nails from staining. Its also important to give time with layering the application for most proof finish. Nail polish paints should coat thin and even it will dry relatively fast.

Once you are done with application, clean up the cuticles with an brush and a bit of nail polish remover. Finish it off with top coat for extra shine and protection. Finish it with a cuticle oil to moisturize the nails. You at least need a 5 minute of drying time for that long lasting finish.