Givenchy | Prisme Libre Concealer, Prisme Libre in Voile Rosé + Beauty Stables

Givenchy just launched a new concealer + corrector that is the new addition to their Prisme Libre collection. I absolutely love and adore this complexion line from Givenchy beauty which I will share below some of my stables from the brand but this couldn’t get any better to add the new Prisme Libre Concealer to my collection. This is a hydrating liquid concealer that is formulated with 95 percent natural-origin ingredients that conceals, corrects, and cares for the skin. The finish is radiant and has enough coverage to demolish anything around the eye area or pigment on the complexion.

I love that the formula sets nicely on the skin without emphasizing the fine lines or wrinkles and is water resistant. It’s a multi-purpose concealer and looks natural on the skin. The formula carries skin-loving ingredients meaning that the formula not only smooths out the look of the skin and keeps it hydrated it also improves the skin quality over time.

The applicator comes with a thick and full sponge applicator that deposits enough product to the skin. I really like this type of applicator which is a new innovation and you may find many high-end brands are adopting this shape. The collection comes in 24 shades to enhance all skin tones and carries a great range of shades. I got my hands on two shades N250 & N270 which both carry a slight peach/orange undertone which is perfect to cover my dark under-eye area.

I’ve been a huge lover of the Prisme Libre Glow Foundation (reviewed here) and it’s one of the foundations that I don’t give a second thought. Both the concealer and foundation wear beautifully together as well as with any other complexion product.

Here is the star of the show Prisme Libre Loose Setting and Finishing Powder. This is an AMAZING setting powder that not only sets the foundation and concealer in place but also blurs out fine lines and any imperfections on the complexion. I’ve used the powder in two shades – Voile Rosé & Lumiere Ploaire (limited edition – reviewed here) I find the Voile Rosé which is designed for light skin tone texture but I find the yellow and pink undertone powders in this compact really brighten up the complexion compared to any other shades in the collection. Although I find they really did a fantastic job to design the powders, particularly for specific skin tones.

Next is that I’ve been testing out some of their eye essentials such as Volume Disturbia Mascara, and Khôl Couture Waterproof Eye Pencil which have impressed me. The Volume Disturbia Mascara is a nice volumizing mascara that really lifts up the lashes while it gives enough fullness at the same time. It’s jet black with amazing lasting power that doesn’t smear at all.

The Khôl Couture Waterproof Eye Pencil in black is a waterproof formula with rich pigment and soft texture that glides smoothly and is smudge-proof. Something I love the most about my pencils is the built-in sharpener which this pencil carries – I love that precise tip at all times. I must say both Mascara and Eye Pencil are quite amazing.

The Le 9 de Givenchy Eyeshadow Palette in A Blush of Fuscia (reviewed here) has been a must-have eyeshadow palette for me. It carries every shade I need to create soft every day looks + bold looks for events.

Overall I am really impressed with this new concealer. I’ve been reaching out and wearing it constantly as it doesn’t dry out the under-the-eye area and it really finishes the skin smoothly. The concealer and the Loose powder work great together and I would highly recommend both as a perfect combo. You’re not going to go wrong with any of these items. I’ve linked some of my favourite items below (all reviewed) for you in case you need recommendations.

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