Fresh Dewy Skin with Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Collection

I am all about fresh dewy and glowing skin when it comes to the complexion. There are a few steps and key products that help to keep up with skin’s hydration level and healthy-looking skin especially when you have dry skin. It makes the struggle even harder when we have a super dry and harsh climate. For me, double cleansing and using an extra intense formula during the winter season is a must-have to maintain that fresh and healthy-looking skin.

I am super excited to share my newest find. Bobbi Brown’s New Extra Repair Collection is here to add that extra plumpness you need for your skin. The formula is light, hydrating and is infused with Hyaluronic Acid. Here I will take you through my finds and testing period in just a few steps.

Double cleansing is essential in my skincare routine and the New Extra Cleansing Balm is what I’ve been reaching out to. The Cleansing Balm is an ultra purifying rich cleanser that works to break down and melt away my long-lasting and waterproof makeup. The texture has a rich waxy feel to it and doesn’t irritate the skin – leaves skin super soft and plump. The formula is soothing and has that fresh citrus scent that lifts up my mood.

I use it as the first step to my nightly skincare routine (when double cleansing) or morning skincare routine alone directly to my dry skin all over my face, then I use a little warm water with the same circular motion. Although it feels really rich and thick once the water is applied it melts like a soft cleanser. If follow with a facial towel with warm water to remove the impurities. Finishing up by rinsing with warm water. It immediately feels good on the skin and you find your skin nourished and hydrated at first touch.

To restore and revitalize the skin, the Extra Repair Moisture Cream Intense is what you need. This is a rich and light moisturizer with boosted Extra Repair Complex and with 5x more Argireline Peptide than their original formula to add that extra plumpness to the skin. It helps to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as intensely hydrates skin and supports skin’s natural collagen. I love to use this as a second-step skincare routine to add deep hydration to my skin and to add that extra dewy finish to my skin. which I admire during the season. The moisturizer holds up for the entire day as a shield to protect the skin from environmental pollution and dry harsh weather.

I can NOT forget about my under-eye area, it’s the driest part of my complexion that brings out the worst in me. and the new Extra Repair Eye Cream Intense is what I’ve been obsessed over with. It has a balmy texture that is light yet rich that brightens and revitalizes my under-eye area immediately. It’s something I’ve tested with this kind of texture for the first time and I am loving it.

It blurs out my fine lines and wrinkles – energizes my skin and maintains the hydration I need throughout the day. And my concealer goes well on top of it.

Last but not least I love to keep my lips nourished with a nice tint that takes me throughout the day. The Extra Lip Tint is an ultra-nourishing formula with enough colour to bring life to my lips immediately. Its formulated with a blend of olive, avocado, and jojoba oils to smooth and soften lips. It adds a nice fullness to the lips that look natural.

I got to try it in the shade Bare Blackberry which has a satin finish and is perfect to add a flush of fresh colour to the lips. Especially if you’re looking for one for this time of the season. You can already see I’ve been using it non-stop right after it was sent to me and its been in my on the go bag.

I hope you find this post helpful, I’ve been entirely in love and obsessed with the collection. There are only a few brands that impress me when it comes to skin care products and how they perform on my skin and I can proudly say that Bobbi Brown is one of them. As a mother of 3, I always look for multitasking and effective products (I can’t compromise on my skincare) that can help me get ready for the day quickly yet efficiently especially when it comes to skincare.

I’ve linked couple of value sets that comes in great price and curratly packed to give your skin that glow you desirve.

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Press samples provided and courtesy of Bobbi Brown.