Fresh Beauty| Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer

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New from Fresh beauty is the Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer ($63.00 for 1.6 oz./50 mL). This is a daily moisturizer that is formulated with Super Lotus to target first signs of aging. Its lightweight and is designed for all skin textures. Many of you may know that I have been along time lover for the Fresh beauty’s skincare products especially their Black Tea collection as well as the Lotus skincare items have been my favorite. Lotus Youth Preserve mask is still one of my favorite masks and I find their products to be the most effective products while they’re super gentle.

The New from Fresh beauty is the Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer carries a more richer texture that gets into the skin immediately while the moisture keeps the skin well hydrated through out the day. I would describe this one a super gentle and a good cream with a perfect texture for some one who really is looking for a moisturizer.

Its formulated with Super Lotus that prevents first signs of aging while it really boosts radiance and protects skin from free radicals on daily basis. Its also infused with Star Fruit Leaf Extract and Hyaluronic Acid which smooths, reduces the find lines and maintains complexions moisture levels. I found it carries a good consistency that is perfect for a transition cream from winter to fall.

On other note I haven’t tried this before so for me to compare the older version of this cream is impossible. I have used the Fresh Beauty’s Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer before which I loved it during the summer time. And comparing both they both are great basic every day moisturizer that will provide a great hydration for your skin with different textures. The Deep Hydration Moisturizer is much lighter in texture than Lotus You the Preserve cream as well as the Deep Hydration Moisturizer is formulated with Vitamin E and Advance combination of Hyaluronic Acid. So there are quite some differences in general but not as much. I would suggest to get sampled before you purchase.

For me both works almost the same way but I would prefer the New Lotus Youth Preserve cream over the Deep Hydration Moisturizer only for its texture. I have a more drier skin and I always prefer my moisturiser with richer texture especially at this time of year. Its another story once the weather is hot and humid.

At the end, I liked it! if you’re looking for a good moisturizer or if you’re some one who wanted to start with a skin care routine this is a very good cream to start with a good price range. Its rich enough for dry skins while light enough for normal to combination skin texture. You can now find the new Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer available in store and online at Sephora, and Nordstrom.

press sample provided and courtesy of Fresh Beauty.