Elizabeth Arden | Eight Hour Cream Skin Protection

Elizabeth Arden skin care have been some thing that I wanted to give a try for a very long time. It’s one of the beauty brands that have been in the beauty market for a very long time and their skin care products looks very promising to me. I was really excited when I received a bunch of products from their Eight Hour Cream line to try. The Eight Hour Cream line comes in great selection of products from face, hands, lips and body care. The products I received from the line includes:

Up first is the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant in Original and Fragrance Free (C$40.00) is a highly moisturizing and hydrating cream that instantly hydrates the skin, it literally cover the skin like a protector to keep the moisture in. It’s formulated with petrolatum and vitamin E where it intensely works to protect and heal the skin from rehydrating chapped lips to rough elbows, calluses as well as sun burns. The texture is soft and creamy, and have that gel like feeling into it or in other words in feels like petroleum jelly but much lighter – it is a little on the sticky side but very comfortable. The Original one carries a little strong scent which I found was not pleasant to my nose but I loved how there is the Fragrance Free one where there is no scent detected. It really does works great on dry and dehydrated skin and I found very helpful during these rough and dry winter weather.
I personally loved the to use it while I’m on the go for my hands, knees, elbows even heels to give them that immediate hydration they need plus using it on regular basis does makes a huge difference in overall look and texture of the skin. But I didn’t find it helpful for adding it to your skin care routine for face. I found it’s a little too heavy to my taste, but works great for other parts of the body.

Up Next is the Eight Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil (C$28.00) is a blend of moisturizing oils including Tsubaki Oil which immediately moisturizes face, body and hair. Probably many of you know oils are best friends especially during the winter months, I found this oil to be light with a light floral scent which did not bother me at all. It immediately hydrates and soothes the skin. I loved it for the fact that it comes in with a spraying dispenser where you can easily use it on body and hair. It gets into the skin immediately without feeling heavy or oily at all.

Up Next is the Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment (C$22.00) is a fast absorbing and non greasy hand cream that works like wonders on dry and flaky hands for a soft and silky hands. This is one of my favorite products from the line that I loved it incredibly. I have a very dry skin to begin with plus with three kids and all the chores around the house makes my hands even drier. This is one of the best hand creams that I have used by far. It doesn’t feel greasy and skin feels and looks soft and silky. 

Last is the Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm (C$24.00) is a light weight and creamy textured lip repair balm that moisturizer and hydrates dry lips. The formula helps to strengthen lips delicate moisture barrier while it protects and soothes lips from dryness. It caries a very light and subtle eucalyptus based fragrance, and gives lips a very sheen finish. Its infused with vitamin E where it protects the skin against free radical damage, as well is its formulated with Menthol which have that cooling agent that provides immediate soothing relieve. It comes in a cute little jar where its makes it easy to apply with the tip of your finger while you’re on the go. Works best when applied before bed, you will get a nice and smooth lips in the morning.

Over all I loved the line for its hydration and soothing properties. Items were hit for overall body use, especially during these dry and cold winter months. I’m not really sure that I would use them during summer time. The skin Protectant feels a little heavy like Petroleum jelly but much lighter which I didn’t like it to apply to my face but I loved using it on my hands, knees, elbows, it literally softens the skin and protects from dryness. The Hand Treatment and All Over Miracle Oil was the two items that I loved the most, dry hands are not so flattering at all and having a good hand cream with you all the times is the key for a soft and smooth looking hands. And this one is one of the most amazing hands creams I have come across. As well as the All Over Miracle Oil is one amazing product to use it for any thing. You can find these items on all department stores on Elizabeth Arden counters as well as ElizabethArden.ca.

Many thanks to the Elizabeth Arden team for sending over products from Eight Hour Cream line for reviewing purposes.