Dior | Rouge Liquid & Double Rouge

. Dior just introduced two new Rouge Dior formulas – Rouge Dior Liquid and Double Rouge. Rouge Liquid is the first liquid formula by Dior and designed by Peter Phillips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup with different effects which I fall in love with it in first sight. I have been looking at the swatches on social media which looked promising. I was very happy to get my hands on all three vibrant finishes – matte, metal and stain. And the look to Double Rouge is to die for. I have been loving the Dior Rouge lipsticks for it’s performance and quality but these Double Rouge are amazingly beautiful on lips.

Up first is the Rouge Dior Liquid (C$43.00 each) is a light weight liquid lipstick with multiple effects and vibrant color impacts. I have been amazed with the different effects and finishes of these liquid lipsticks as well as its feather light weight formula. These comes in 29 beautiful shades that is ranging from creamy beige to classic red. The collection comes in four shocking shades that are out of my comfort zone – Black Matte (a dramatic ebony), Oxblood Matte (a rich chocolate-brown), Fab Satin (a deep and sensual plum) and Hologram (a multidimensional cyber silver that can be worn alone or as top coat). I don’t find these four shades wearable during the day, I feel these are more likely designed for makeup artist to create an editorial looks and effects on their models. It comes in great lasting power, it does transfer to your glass but stays input on the lips for the whole day. I was offered one from each finishes from the brand which includes:

  • Spicy Metal (Metallic finish) – is a beautiful pink color with a metallic finish. I would say it’s a perfect evening pink lip color that adds so much drama to the lips especially when the lights hits it.
  • Delicate Satin (Stain finish) – is a nice beige with a very warm under tone. As a neutral lip lover this is a perfect every day shade with stain finish. The texture feels silky and soft on the lips and glides on beautifully.
  • Hectic Matte (Matte finish) – is a beautiful dark purple with burgundy under tone and comes in matte finish. The texture is light and doesn’t feel dry or patchy on the lips. It carries a good lasting power and doesn’t smudge or smear on the lips. One of the most beautiful shades I have ever tried, I would say perfect fall shade.

The packaging is quite exquisite and luxurious looking, they come in a long tube packaging with iconic Dior silver patter. The applicator is different from traditional cushion liquid applicator. It carries a cushion applicator but the tip is designed to scope out a good amount of product where you get your lips covered within one swipe.

Up next is the Rouge Dior Double Rouge (C$43.00 each) is one of the most beautiful lipsticks I have seen by far. These lipsticks are inspired by professional techniques and creates a beautiful ombre effect with combinations of matte and metal. All lipsticks comes in a great combination of two shades to create a beautiful ombre effect which offers a metallic effect inside the lips and contours the outer lips with highly pigmented matte shade. The Rouge Dior Double Rouge comes in great range of shades and colors, I actually went to browse and chose my favorite shades, I found it was impossible for me to choose some favorite shade. They are all unconditionally beautiful. I received two shades from the brand, which includes:

  • Dressed to Kill – is a combination of dark burgundy in matte finish along with a light beige in metallic finish.
  • Vibrant Nude – this is a combination of peachy pink nude in matte finish and vanilla shade in metallic finish.

As a lipstick lover I was very impressed with both formulas in all means. Rouge Dior liquid is a light formula and comes in great range of colors and finishes that can please anyone. For me this was one of the best liquid formulas that I have tried so far. And Double Rouge is the most beautiful lipstick I have ever tried. It feels soft and creamy and I personally loved the two tone combination or different textures. Overall a huge thumbs up for both formulas. You can now find Rouge Dior liquid and Rouge Double in store at Dior counters as well as Dior.com.

Many thanks to Dior team for sending over the press samples for reviewing purposes.