Correct, Conceal & Contour with Bobbi Brown’s new Skin Corrector/Concealer Stick

Bobbi Brown just launched a selection of new corrector & concealer sticks to neutralize and brighten the complexion to create an easy & effortless look. The new Skin Corrector/Concealers are hydrating, crease-proof, and non-caking formulas that instantly even and brighten the complexion. They’re made to use with ease of application and long-lasting performance for all skin textures. I love how the formula melts into the skin with the great pigment that it offers that finishes the skin seamlessly. The coverage is sheer to buildable by layering the product with a natural finish.

I have been a long-time lover of her concealers, her formulas are hydrating, with great coverage. Bobbie Brown Intensive Serum Concealer in warm beige and Corrector in Light Peach was my stables in my makeup routine (to cover my dark circles) right before I started blogging (7-8 years ago). I am super excited to discover her formula after all these years and all I can say is it’s even better.

Here I share 4 easy steps on how to correct under-eye dark circles.

  1. Prep under the eyes with a good hydrating eye cream. The area under the eye is quite delicate and drier than other parts of the complexion. As a beauty blogger, I’ve gone through testing many eye creams that are good but most I find do not smooth out the skin for concealer application (they’re good as a skincare product). The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Eye Base Primer & Moisturizer is what I trust at the moment that works like wonder prepping the area right before concealer application.
  2. Colour Correct the area using the colour wheel chart for your skin tone. Remember that layering foundation or concealer will not cover the problematic area. Colour correcting will help add coverage, and even out the skin tone without caking. At this point, your skin should look even out and ready for your foundation. I’ve been loving the Colour Skin Correcting Stick in Peach. The formula carries good enough peachy shade to cover my everyday dark circles easily. It’s important to make sure you really press the product into the skin so there isn’t any buildup in texture. I find using fingers is the best way to achieve the goal.
  3. Conceal the area with a good hydrating concealer or foundation. It’s important to select a shade that matches your natural skin tone plus once you’ve corrected your under-eye area you don’t need too much foundation or concealer to cover anything. The trick to applying your concealer is to select a shade lighter than your skin tone + leave the concealer in its place for a couple of minutes to settle before blending. As well as while applying the concealer you want to make sure you don’t move the product around, the best way is by pressing down gently with your beauty blender or brush. I love the Skin Concealer Stick in shade Cool Sand that is almost like my skin shade but a bit lighter and carries enough warmth that doesn’t turn the under-eye area grey.
  4. Use a setting makeup spray to damp your sponge and then blend or spray directly after setting the concealer with a brush. It makes the conealer last longer without looking caky or dry.
  5. Optional set the area with a loose setting powder with a small fluffy brush. I find if you really prep the skin well before application, powders perform quite well. The trick is to use a smaller brush to only set the areas you need to set radar than applying it with a large brush which messes up the entire look.
    Here I am sharing a quick guide on how to choose your colour for correcting the skin.
Stand Corrected | Select correcting colours based on your skin tone and concern.

As much as contouring seems easy, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. first your face shape and where to contour. next, the shade you chose has to be on the cooler side. Warm shades tend to turn orange and slowly start to look dirty while cooler shades create depth and add shadows to the complexion giving it shape. Always start with a cream contour stick to shape the face then use a powder to add more illusion.

I used the Skin Concealer stick in Expresso which carries a nice deep tone that contours the face and blends like a dream without leaving any harsh lines. I’ve been reaching out to it on daily bases to contour my face and eyes for its easy-to-use formula.

Here is a quick look at different face shapes and ways to contour your complexion.

You may not have the same face shape or fit somewhere in between the shapes but you get to have an overall idea of where to add more shadows. I have a more rounded face (it’s not fully rounded) but I do leave the jawline a little bit so I have a better face shape.

I hope you find this post helpful in terms of the application method. In terms of product, the Skin Concealer + Corrector is absolutely amazing. The formula feels like butter on the skin with great coverage and lasting power. I love that I can carry them with me easily in my makeup bag without any fuss and it’s an easy application on the go.

I’ve shared a quick tutorial on how to cover the under-eye area here.

I’ve linked my favourite products (tested and approved) from the brand to achieve that flawless finish skin.

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