ClARINS | Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream


Here is the review on Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream from Clarins. This gentle peeling mask smooths away any impurities with natural clay and delivers immediate radiance to the skin. It covers all skin types (dry, normal, combination and oily) and even the most sensitive. Just apply it with your finger tips to the face from centre working outward and let it dry for few minutes, and then gently start exfoliate, it’s better to support your skin by one hand to avoid pulling the skin. It is a little messy while peeling it but the skin feels soft and smooth, I feeling you can get the benefit of a clay mask as well as exfoliating. It also defines which part of the face is dehydrated because the dehydrated part dries quicker.


You can use this twice a week for a smooth and soft skin. This peeling cream contains soothing primrose extract which helps maintain an ideal ph balance to ensure for clean, comfortable and radiant skin. Love this peeling mask and I am sure you ladies will love it too. This Gentle Peeling Cream retails at C$34.00 for 50 ml container.