Biotherm | Skin Oxygen

Biotherm launched a new skin care line – Skin Oxygen about couple of months ago. The line is designed to detoxify the skin from environment pollution. I would say this is a great line for those who want to start with skin care or hydration is the mean concern. This is a truly new brand to me, my husband have had used some of the skin care products from Biotherm before and he gives it a thumbs up. The Skin Oxygen is formulated with Chlorella Algae Extract (the breathing algae) which helps skin detoxify while soothes the complexion for more radiant and fresh looking skin. The Skin Oxygen line consists of:

Up first is the Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion (C$26 for 200ml) is a light weight lotion formula that is detoxifies the skin and helps to correct imperfections caused by environment pollution. Reduces the look of pores and adds radiance to the skin, since it’s enriched with Chlorella Algae Extract it helps skin sooth. It’s meant to apply after cleansing which I find it works like a toner. Although I personally don’t like toner but this was a perfect combination between toner and moisturizer. I have been introducing it into my nightly routine and it have been working great. It adds in a nice plumpness to the skin and gives extra hydration to the complexion.

Next is the Skin Oxygen Foaming Melting Gel (C$26 for 150ml) is a foaming daily cleanser that removes the impurities without drying out the skin. Skin feels soft and smooth after application. It intensely cleanse the skin and removes all impurities that is caused by pollution and makeup. The Chlorella Algae Extract not only helps skin detox, it also helps with keeping the skin soft and smooth. It’s ideal for dry and sensitive skin and lather up nicely without too much foaming.

Next is the Skin Oxygen Antioxidant Serum (C$58 for 30ml) is a daily facial serum that detoxifies, and regenerate the skin. It helps skin strengthen and repairs any damage due to environmental aggressors. Skin looks and feels smoother and radiant. The texture is light and gets into the skin immediately without feeling heavy or greasy. It also even out the complexion and adding that nice and subtle glow that comes from within. Its great to use it along with the Skin Oxygen Hydrating Gel moisturizing, its a perfect base for your moisturizer or foundation.

Last is the Skin Oxygen Hydrating Gel (C$60 for 30ml) is a cooling moisturizer that comes in gel like texture. The formula is light and oil free which makes it perfect for all skin textures. I personally have a very dry skin and most of the times I prefer rich creamy texture over gel. This Skin Oxygen Hydrating Gel carries that intense moisturizing properties that works great on dry skin as well as perfect for oily skin. The Chlorella Algae Extract in the formula helps skin breath all day long.

Bottom line the Skin Oxygen line is a good way to give your skin a nice hydration. If you’re some one whose looking for a starting point with skin care, I would highly recommend you to browse in and give it a test. While if your concern is more than hydration I would suggest to corporate a targeting serum or treatment along with this line. You can now find the Skin Oxygen in nearest drugstore, and online at

Skin Oxygen were provided courtesy of Biotherm.