Base Application Tools

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Although when it comes to base applications, best to apply with your fingers but I find brushes and beauty sponges adds quite nice finish and coverage that makes it seamless with an airbrushed finish with a proper use. I have always loved to try new applicators and brushes, and always had a close monitoring of its results. A makeup brush lives very long when you do a good investment, and with a proper care. They definitely worth the money and time you spend on their purchase. You do need to test and build you very own collection depending on your needs and they stay your best friend for a very long time.

I have split this post on category to help you find the best tool that suits you. This post carries quite many of my tried and true tools that I have over the years and may have been improved or changed by brand slightly while many of them are new discoveries over the past year.

Foundation & Concealer

I always love to use a Flat stapling brush or buffing brush to apply my foundation and concealer depending on coverage I need. I love flat brush using it in stapling form for a full coverage look while using it as a buffer gives a more natural finish. There are quite many different Flat brushes that can be used differently while some can do both (buffing and stabling). I also use my stapling brush for my cushion foundation to get more coverage with the formula. Here are some of the Flat Buffing/stabling brushes I have been loving. They give out more coverage while it finish is seamless. You can use them for any kind of liquid base products with a more thicker or creamier texture and mouse like finish.

  • It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6 which I use for most of my liquid foundations, you can use it in stapling motion to finish look full coverage or buff out any texture from the skin with swiping or circular motion. I have been using this one for more richer texture foundations, it blends them nicely and gives that full coverage finish without any harsh lines. This one is one of the multi-tasking brushes with a more firmer structure.
  • Shiseido’s Foundation Brush is one of my other favorite especially when I need to blend out a more thicker foundation formulas as well as this works amazing blending concealer or cream contour. This have been with me from a very long time now and definitely one of classic brushes for me. Its super soft while super dense. It goes easily under the eye area and around the nose and easy to carry on your on the go bag for touch-ups.
  • Shiseido’s Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo brush which is a recent find, it works more like a buffing brush. It gives a super natural look. I find the brush to be one of the most softest brushes so far yet I wouldn’t use this for a cream or thick foundation, its meant to work it on mouse type base formulas as well as lightweight liquids. The brush is super soft and loose so its hard to use it in stapling motion while you can blend the base with your finger tips and go over with this brush and it makes things looks seamless. I absolutely love the soft tip applicator for application.
  • Dior Backstage Buffing Brush N°18 fluid foundation brush is one of the most beautiful and amazing brush. I find this one really blends the foundation seamlessly but gives a more natural coverage. I can’t use this in stabling motion to layer my foundation rather it really buffs the foundation so there are no hash lines. I love to use this one for my matte finish foundations, as well as it works great with primers. Its a perfect one!

Here are some of the Flat Straight Foundation brushes that I more likely reach especially during the summer season when I use more light weight or runny texture foundations and bases.

  • Make Up For Ever 108 Large Foundation Brush is a nice flat brush with straight fibers that evenly spreads the foundation on skin. It literally works on all foundations but I personally love to work it on my sheer to medium coverage and lightweight foundations and concealers. You can use it in taping motion to get a better coverage. It finishes the complexion seamlessly.
  • Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110 is probably one of the most softest flat brushes I have ever tired with a super cute look. I love how its more dense with a fluffy texture that really blends out the foundation. I find this one is amazing to apply light or thick texture foundations and concealers. It does come with a nice plastic wrap that is perfect for your on the go makeup.

Last but not least, beauty sponges. They’re best friends especially when the weather is not in my favor. The best way to use them are dam while making sure you take out all the water from the sponge by using at thick paper towel (which I find the best way to take out the most water). I have tested many from this range and I pretty much use them for every thing (foundation, concealer and powder), it works great with everything.

  • The original beautyblender is an amazing product, its a affordable and gives you that nice airbrushed finish you want.
  • Givenchy beauty sponge is one of a kind beauty sponge that I can’t live without, its super nice and its geometric shape allows you to use it in many different ways and its in beautifully in all corners of your face. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a link since I think they have discontinued this tool.
  • Fenty Beauty Precision Makeup Sponge 100 is yet another nice applicator with a great price, its nice and I absolutely love the cool shape of it. Its really designed to use it many ways with so many different applications. The flat side can be used as stapling applicator for more coverage while the round part buffs out the texture from skin. While the small angle is perfect for under eye area or any other hard to reach part of the complexion.


When it comes to powders I love to use different size tools for different types of powders and depending on application. As mentioned above I do use beauty blender and sponges for my powders especially the times I want to set my foundation in place. Here are some I love at the moment.

  • BareMinerals Beautiful Finish Foundation Brush this one is an amazing brush for loose powder foundations. I love how you can build up the coverage with this brush without see any texture on skin. It nicely reaches all corners of face easily and distribute foundations evenly.
  • It Cometics Heavenly Luxe™ Jumbo Powder Brush #3 this is a jumbo size powder brush that finish the complexion nicely and evenly. Its perfect to dust loose powder or foundation powder all over face and body without disturbing your foundation. Its a brush that I would finish up my makeup for a more airbrush finish.
  • Urban Decay Pro Large Powder Brush is another jumbo powder brush that I love finish up my makeup with. Its flat and more dense finish allows you to have more control over the application. Its a nice one for blending bronzers and loose powders on larger parts of the complexion. while it really gets into all part of the face.
  • Fenty Beauty Powder Puff Setting Brush 170 this one is more define brush that is a good one of dust powder all over face as well as its medium size allows you to really reach under the eye area. Its a multi tasking brush where you can use it for all your powder needs, from powder foundations to loose powders as well as blushes and bronzers. I find this one to be all on one kind of powder brush.
  • Make Up For Ever Flat Round Blush Brush 156 this is yet another all in one kind of brush that I absolutely love. I reach out to this when I need to set my under eye area, bronzer, highlighter or blush as well as it really fits nicely under the eye area where you can use it to set the concealer. It literally works on all powder products amazingly with a perfect finish.

I hope you find this base applicator guide helpful. I absolutely love my brushes and sponges and it gives me that finish I want. There are quite many of them that are multi-tasking.