5 Ways to Upgrade Your Winter Skincare Routine

We are almost done with the fall seasons, although Fall doesn’t stay long for us in Canada. But officially we’re onward to winter time. So its time to upgrade your skin care products if you haven’t done so during this Fall season. For me change in my skin care starts when the weather changes from summer to fall, that’s the time I majorly change my skin care products. Growing up as a teenager into a hot and humid climate in Asia, I never consider the difference in between summer and winter skin care routine, till I as a grown up felt here in my home land Canada. I feel the older I get the more I pay attention to what and how to use the products. My skin usually gets dry and flaky all over my body once the winter season starts. Here I share some simple yet effective ways that will get you through the harsh dry winter months with glow.

  1. Use an balm cleanser over oil cleansers – cleanser is very important part of skin care routine and it’s always a good idea to use richer texture cleansers during winter time. They’re not only gentle on skin than any other foam or gel cleansers, they also nourish skin and doesn’t remove facial oils and minerals we need to protect our skin from dryness.
  2. Always layer your skin care products from lightest to thickest – layering skin care products is another way to maximize skin’s hydration levels, yet knowing how to layer is even more important. It’s always to remember to layer your skin care products from lightest to thickest since lighter moisturizer absorbs into the skin much quicker while the thicker versions is meant to stay on top of the skin as a protective veil for the skin, except facial oils always goes last.
  3. Switching to richer textured skin care products – switching from jelly or lotion form of your moisturizer to thicker, richer and balmy type of moisturizer will help the skin to stay hydrated longer.
  4. Keep handy a nice hydrating facial mist – it’s always a good idea to keep a nice hydrating facial mist along side on your vanity and maybe a smaller version in your bag to refresh and hydrate the skin.
  5. Keep a hand cream in your handbag – this is something I always recommend to keep a nice hydrating hand cream in your bag. Hands are one of part of the body beside face that is exposed to dry and cool weather and having a super dry hands and nail cuticles aren’t so flattering at all.

Theses few quick and simple steps and ways where you can really do a quick fixes to your over look of skin during the winter time. For me all these 5 steps are a must when season changes, do you have a skin care tips for the winter time? I would love to hear what’s in your skin care routine for winter time.