Glow Recipe | Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial Mask & Avocado Ceramide Redness Relief Serum

New from Glow Recipe are the two new addition to their best-selling Watermelon and Avocado line. These two new additions are designed to help with skin concerns. Glow Recipe is a clean brand that I am getting obsessed over their product’s performance and quality for the price it offers. I have been testing both products for some while now and sharing my thoughts on them today.

Up first is the newest launch Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial Mask which is a non-drying clay mask that is designed for all skin textures even dry and sensitive skin. It carries a nice whipped texture that doesn’t dry out skin like other clay masks.

This new Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial Mask is a non-drying clay mask with hyaluronic-infused clay, BHA, PHA, and watermelon enzymes to unclog pores, smooth, and hydrate for softer, clearer-looking skin. It not only clear out the skin, but it also offers skin that boost of hydration it needs with its infused hyaluronic component.

This is one mask that you need in your skincare routine to clear pores, hydrate skin, and exfoliate for a brighter complexion, especially during the hot summer days.

I have been sent out the press sample before its launch date to try out and I have already used it two a week for the past two weeks on my nightly skincare routine twice a week for 3 minutes (I have a sensitive skin and most of the tines clay masks irritated my skin) and I have seen huge results on my skin’s texture and brightening my dark spots. It does tingle the skin which means the formula is working but if you have dry senstive skin like mine I wouldn’t suggest to leave it longer than 3 minutes. Wearing sunscreen almost every single day, I do feel it slightly gets into my pore which I was amazed at how this clay mask renewed my sensitive skin and pores gently. The formula contains micro-exfoliating blueberry seed powder that helps skin look clearer than ever. I would highly recommend to use a soft cleansing cloth with warm water to ease the removal of the clay mask + rinse well after. Skin does starts glowing right after the use.

Up next is the Avocado Ceramide Redness Relief Serum which been introduced at the begging of the spring season which was included in my recent skincare post under 10 Skincare Products that You Should Get Excited about this Spring but today I wanted to share my full thoughts on this amazing serum.

Avocado Ceramide Redness Relief Serum is a lightweight facial serum that is rich in avocado antioxidants. This serum is specially designed for dryness. Although it’s designed for all skin types I feel it’s a perfect serum that helps calm irritated skin caused by dehydration or weak skin barrier due to chemical peels or other extreme treatments.

From time to time give my skin a break from all the treatments and I find this is one of the best serum with very effective ingredients like Avocado butter and extract, Ceramide 5 and Allantoin that helps soothes and calm skin. The formula also carries rice milk that helps with strengthening the skin’s barrier, and if you have ever used the rice milk for skin concerns then you definitely know its effectiveness.
I loved using this serum right after the use of the Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial Mask as well as any other monthly treatment I do for my skin. It immediately soothes the irritated skin.

Glow Recipe is definitely a brand with promising skincare products and growing its skincare collection quite well with new product additions. I can confidently say that it’s a brand that I have used most of the products and it’s always displayed on my skincare vanity along with my high-end skincare products. I have linked some of my all-time favourite formulas below.

You can find these new launches available at Sephora.

Press sample provided and courtesy of Glow Recipe.


Shiseido | Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Collection

I have been testing out the new Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Collection from Shiseido for more than 3 weeks now. Shiseido is a brand that I blindly trust their skincare and I was super impressed with their Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming cream that I tested about a year ago when they just introduced the Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming line with a moisturizer. Shiseido did really well with this new line that they decided to launch a whole collection and it’s absolutely amazing!! And now the line includes serum, wrinkle spot treatment, eye cream, face moisturizers that come in 3 different textures plus sheet masks for the face and eyes.

Just in case you don’t know, Shiseido is a Japanese brand and one of the oldest beauty brands. Their vision is to bring the latest innovations in the beauty and skincare world. I have tried quite some of their skincare products as well as their makeup products which always impressed me.

The new Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Collection is an anti-ageing line that lifts and firms skin to reveal a dramatically revitalized and sculpted complexion with renewed fullness and bounce and it really withholds its promise very well. It is formulated with KURENAI-TruLift Complex and ReNeura Technology++™ which energizes the skin for a visibly lifted appearance and helps prolong the efficacy of the treatment.

Vital Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum is a lightweight multi-benefit serum that gets into the skin immediately. It has a super light texture with a tightening, lifting and revitalizing effect that adds radiance to the skin effectively. I find one pump is enough to cover the entire face and another half pump to the neck area. It immediately adds subtleness to the skin.

Vital Perfection LiftDefine Uplifting and Firming Cream is a luxurious facial moisturizer that helps counteract the visible signs of ageing, wrinkles and dark spots fully reviewed here. It comes in three different textures:

It has a rich yet lightweight texture that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I have tested this moisturizer in Enriched texture during the winter season which is designed for Dry skin texture and it really feels good on the skin during the dryer winter months with a very rich texture that holds on the skin for an entire day and perfect for those that suffer from dry skin. Yet this time I was able to try the Vital PerfectionUplifting and Firming Cream which I find is very light compare to the Enriched, in terms of texture. Perfect for spring/summer days.

Vital Perfection LiftDefine Uplifting and Firming Eye Cream is the little magic cream that works on the find lines like wonders. It has a nice rich yet silky texture that melts into the skin. Using it religiously will show its effectiveness in smoothing out the fine lines and wrinkles within one week. It’s designed for all skin types and textures and a little goes a long way. I have been using it for more than 3 weeks now and I have seen tremendous results on my skin. I see myself using this for those hot and humid days.

Vital Perfection LiftDefine Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment is definitely something when you need some extra help to smooth out and to improve the skin’s elasticity and deal with wrinkles and dark spots. I am thrilled to say that this works like a miracle on smoothing out the fine lines that start to creep in.

Last but not least is the Vital Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Sheet Mask is 2 piece treatment for the face and neck. These aren’t like your regular sheet masks. They instantly hydrate and adds radiance to the skin while it visibly improves the contours of the jawline. I used it on the first day of eid and I was shocked at how it immediately improved my skin’s appearance. My long-time readers know of my love for Shiseido’s Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Masks yet this has exceeded my expectations. They’re slightly more expensive than the Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask but definitely worth the splurge.

Each box includes six pairs of sheet masks. I find these are perfect have them on the side for those emergency days when your skin needs an extra boost.

The collection also carries the Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Masks that are quite exquisite that can be used as a final touch to the skincare routine. These Eye Masks are infused with retinol that helps to smooth out the fine lines while targets the dark circles immediately. I have been using them once a week at my night time skincare routine.

I LOVE under-eye patches but as I mentioned these masks are just high-quality masks that concentrated on KURENAI-TruLift Complex and ReNeura Technology++ which uplift the skin. The sheets are made with thick cotton blend material and are filled with product and shape to cover broader areas (I felt it covered the entire midsection of my face).

At the end, I have been pleasantly impressed by the entire collection. I love the texture, performance and immediate and effective results. You can now find the entire collection available online and in-store at all Shiseido’s counters.

Press samples provide and courtesy of Shiseido.


10 Skincare Products that You Should Get Excited about this Spring

There are quite new skincare launches that are happening right now and I find them quite interesting. While we’re all staying home under the lockdown and rainy days, it seems like beauty brands take our beauty addiction to the next level with these amazing launches.

These launches include serums that keep your skin well hydrated and make it glow. There are some true/tested products I tried that range from drugstore finds to the most luxurious skincare products that you need to try this time of the year. Many of these products will make it into a review post.

As many of you know I love a good essence to prep my skin for my skincare products to work more efficiently while using them less, I must say the new Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum is a nourishing skin for more younger-looking skin. Its formulated with JAUM Activator that improves skin’s hydration adds radiance and translucency + the new formula looks after fine lines and wrinkles in the long term.

A good cleanser is always what you need for clean and glowing skin and the new Biotherm BIOSOURCE Cleanser is a gel texture cleanser that turns into a mousse once in contact with water + skin. The formula is inspired by Japanese skincare textures. This will definitely be going to become your next favourite drugstore cleanser.

Glow Recipe just launched a new addition to their Avocado line Avocado Ceramide Redness Relief Serum (C$56.00). This is a soothing serum that is rich in antioxidants and ceramides to help skin with irritation and redness that is caused by dehydration and week skin barrier. It’s designed for all skin types. It’s a perfect product or solution for irritated skin or times you want to give your skin a rest. The texture is very light and gets into the skin immediately without feeling any greasiness at all. It’s a perfect product to give your skin a little break + take care of the irritations that get caused by some hash chemical peels and treatment.

If you’re looking for a transforming Anti-Aging drugstore find then Vichy LiftActiv Supreme H.A. Wrinkle Corrector Fragrance-Free is the one. It is a 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid serum that provides visible results. It’s a serum that is safe but effective, leaves skin plump and smooth and absorbs fast into the skin. Yet to make the Hyaluronic Acid more effective, try to use it on damp skin or just right after using an essence. That way you’ll see the results immediately and efficiently.

I have been obsessed with an eye serum and this new Guerlain Abeille Royale Eye R Repair Serum formula does everything you need for your under-eye area. It’s an anti-ageing serum with an innovative gold applicator that works on fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness all at once. It’s one of the serums that a little goes along. Its formula is lightweight and infused with Black Bee Repair Technology that supports skin’s natural revitalization process.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Correcting Serum is a new revolutionary brightening serum that looks after all the hyperpigmentation of your skin, including the post-acne marks. It’s formulated with activated C which is a potent form of Vitamin C that helps reduce the look of dark spots. Wearing your SPF after this product is a must-have.

Looking for an eye cream then the new Lancôme Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream with Grand Rose Extracts is the one right now. It’s an indulgent eye cream that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while transforms the under-eye skin smooth and youthful with a nice rich texture that feels silky on the skin.

Shiseido Vital Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum is one of the most advance face serum formula that visibly improves dark spots, fine lines and loss of firmness. It does every thing you need for a more smoother and younger looking skin. Its light weight and and you see a better results along with an essence and by using it on your day and night skincare routine.

For all my facial lover ladies Charlotte Tilbury – Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial Treatment is here to rescue your skin for this season. It’s a two-in-one facial with resurfacing AHA/BHA/PHA-acid plus hydrating polyglutamic acid to bring that glow to your complexion. The formula is effective yet gentle for all skin types.

Lineage Lip Masks have always been my favourite yet they introduced a new Lip Treatment Balm. It coats lips to keep them well hydrated + lips look visibly smoother and wrinkle-free.