Nest Fragrances | Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Collection

Spring is one of my favourite seasons and I have been doing more organizing/spring cleaning for the past couple of weeks to reset and refresh my space for the season. And I get super excited when I find new spring home scent launches.
Nest Fragrances just launched their new spring home collection Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Collection, which is quite exquisite. Home scents help pick up my mood each season, and especially for the past year, I have been getting more involved in burning candles + home scent products. Yet I have never sniffed such a fresh and addicting scent that calms me down.

Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Collection is a blend of wild mint and eucalyptus scent with basil and ginger notes. It helps awaken your sense and has quite soft earthy and woody notes. It carries the same classic look yet this time it comes in the most darling mint green shade that is eye candy.

Top Notes:

  • Wild Mint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sage

I changed my home decor for the Spring/Summer season by replacing my accent home decor with soft pastel pink & greens and this new home scent collection really complements it well.

Many of you know my relation with Nest Fragrances home scents. I love the high quality and performance of the candles and reed diffusers. While Nest Fragrances always surprise me with their seasonal collections. This collection is meant to create a wellness sanctuary atmosphere in your home with a blend of aromatic scent that ignites your spirit. I literally go closer to the candle and reed the diffuser to sniff it. I have linked the items featured below + you can find Nest Fragrance’s Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Collection available at Sephora & Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Press samples were provided by Nest Fragrances.




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Happy Valentine’s Sugar Dipped Creamrolls

Valentine’s Days looked like many different previous years. But when it is cold outside and nowhere to go then there is nothing better than baking, right? I decided to have Valentine’s Day Sugar Dipped Creamrolls day where we can all stay home, bake and kids will get a nice time to dip them in sugar.
At the same time since things are virtual, we decided to make one more patch and share them with our loved ones this Valentin’s Day!

Recipe and tips below!

Ingredient List:
2 Packs Puff Butter
1 Pack (1L) Whipping Cream 35%
1 Cup Sugar
Food Coloring
Coloured Sugars
Custom wooden rolls about 2 cm diameter wide and your oven tray long (you can custom them at Homedepot)

Instructions for rolls:

  1. cut the butter puff pastry around 1.5 inches apart (make sure the puff pastry is at room temperature).
  2. spread oil on the wood sticks so they won’t stick to the pastry (you can also wrap the wood sticks with foil that way the sticks won’t get burned out through the cooking process.
  3. wrap the puff pastry around the wooden stick diagonally half on top of each other but make your rounds not too tight so they come out easily once it’s cooked.
  4. pre-heat the oven at 350, place the wooden stick inside the oven (place a foil under the rolls in the oven to keep the oil drip from the puffs) for about 15 minutes or so until it’s lightly golden (don’t overcook them, they’ll get too flat and flakey).

Instructions for whippet cream:

  1. beat your 35% whipping cream till it gets a thicker texture.
  2. add one cup of sugar and beat for 2 more minutes.
  3. you can skip this step if you want it white but you can add some food colouring, I wanted to bring the Valentine’s Day vibe so I used pink.
  4. once the rolls are cooled fill them with the cream and serve them. I dipped them in pink sugar to make it more fun but it’s totally up to you.

You can keep the rolls in the fridge with the cream for 2 weeks but I preferer to keep the rolls themselves in the fridge as long as 4 months in a ziplock and can always make the cream fresh and serve any time.

I do have a short reel on my Instagram to make it the process easy.

Please let me know if you make them!