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I have realized that most of us have concerns about our under-eye area (dark circles) and not all of us know how to demolish them using the right techniques. I decided to do a post on this particular matter, I hope this helps you all.

First start off with knowing a little about ourselves (skin texture, under-eye colour), many of us have this problem when we see our dark circles we think we need to apply a lighter concealer to brighten the area, and this way we all never get satisfied and we will end up in searching for a better concealer or add more concealer which ends up looking very chalky/grey and they look more prominent. The first thing we need to know is what colour is our dark circles. knowing to know the basics of colour correcting is very important, especially if you are a make-up artist. I would recommend all the make-up artists to study colour theory which will change the way of your make-up application.

In the first step, you need to know what colour is our dark circles, then we need to look at the opposite of the colour to cancel out the shade. So if you have a Blue-Violet colour under the eyes you need a yellow-orange shade corrector, and if it’s more on the blue side you need to use a little more orange shade corrector or if you have fair skin and the violet veins around your eyes show, you will need to use a salmon colour concealer to correct.  And if you suffer from redness around your nose, cheeks etc. then you will use green concealer (pale/minty green), just do a spot and treat the redness with a little brush.

Here is a visual understanding of how the colour correcting works

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First thing first even before starting to correct you need to make sure under the eyes are well hydrated otherwise it will end up chalky, so start with a generous amount of under-eye serum or cream, let it absorb for a couple of minutes then use an orange concealer (this will look crazy but you will see the results in a bit). Blend the orange or peachy that’s around the eye and apply foundation. Just by one step, you will see a huge difference, then just use a little more yellow-orange concealer very lightly so there are no signs of dark circles. Remember you can use the same technique around the mouth/chin if you have uneven pigmentation. The yellow shade brightens up the under-eye area. Once you have applied the concealer set it with Loose Powders.

Here how the actual process should look like:

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I hope this has been helpful for all those who’s been constantly trying to hide those dark circles under the eye area. I am listing products that work like magic around the area below that I have been tested and approved by me. 

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