ORIGINS | GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream


Today I am going to review this amazing eye cream product from Origins. I have been suffering from under eye dark circles from a very long time, always thought it could be the result of sleepless nights spending with my two little ones, but after a while when I had my full good night sleeps, I would still see those dark circles and since then I always have been trying to hide them with foundations and concealers, but I was not very impressed with the results. After doing lots of research and use of products I came up with this eye cream. It give life to my under eye skin. This cream does brights and depuffs the under eye area instantly and does help with hydration and smoothing the fine lines around eye area but you have to keep in mind if your is concern meanly hydration and smoothing fine lines this would not be a product to conceder. This cream is filled with caffeine, Panax ginseng, magnolia extract and natural optic brighteners. It does take about three to four weeks to really see the results. This eye cream comes in 0.5 oz container which a good size for an eye cream and retails for C$37.00 which lasts around six mounts if you are using once a day and a little goes along way. Origins always create natural skin care products and they are filled with organic ingredients and essential oils. If you are looking for and eye cream to brighten your eyes this is one of the best products you can consider.


Just get a pea size amount of this product to your finger tip and leave in skin for couple of dots, and massage it into skin in tapping motion so it can really go into your skin and this tapping motion also wakens up the under eye cells and helps to depuffs the eye effectively. You have to make sure you are not applying too close to you eye cause the product does move around closer once you start massaging it.