Make Up For Ever just launched Pro Sculpting Brow Palette ($52 each) and High Precision Lip Pencil ($22 each) in 12 shades recently. Make Up For Ever is one of my favorite brands, they always come with new innovations and best products that is professionally suitable for makeup artist. This time both of these products do perform highly well in forms of pigmentation and lasting power.

Up first the Pro Sculpting Brow Palette ($52 each) is an all in one complete brow palette and comes in two different shades Harmony 1 and Harmony 2. It is an easy and multi-use palette that carries every thing you need to enhance your brows. This 4-in-1 palette allows you to groom, define, shape and intensify brows to create a flawless and natural looking brows. Each Pro Sculpting Brow palette carries:

  • Three Intensifying Matte Shades: Innovative powder formulas in three shades that can be used wet or dry to create from soft to bold brow looks.
  • One Highlighter: A universal cream-to-powder matte highlighter for brow shape definition.
  • One Invisible Brow Wax: A universal sculpting wax to subtly shape brows and groom brow hair.
  • One Double-Ended Applicator: Dual-end brow brush and spoolie for smooth and flawless application.

This was my first time giving a different brand to enhance my eyebrows, from many years I have been using the LE CRAYON POUDRE – Powder Pencil for the Brows from Lancôme in shade Brunet, I’m more like a pencil kind of girl and I found this pencil from Lancôme was the only one that was easy enough for me to use it on daily basis and on the go. What I loved about the Lancôme pencil was if had gone a little too dark – I could brush it off easily and fade the harsh lines. I have a pretty dark brown hair color with a hazel undertone. My brows are more like dark brown color, when the new PRO SCULPTING BROW PALETTE  arrived for me to play and after playing with it for couple of days I was pleasantly surprised on how amazing this palette works. There are three shade options all with grey undertone, where you can start from the lighter shade and slowly go darker for specific parts of the eye brows. It comes in a sleek black mirrored compact with most useful tool I have ever seen, the angled brushed carries a thicker and harder Brussel where it makes it easy to distribute the evenly without leaving any kind strike. Plus this is a perfect palette to carry one while on the go.

I personally was not very pleased with the invisible wax, it felt no use of it. I do have a very think hair growth and only treating or the regular wax will do the grooming job for me. After combing the brows with the spoolie, I start applying to the arch of the brows using the middle shade powder with the angles brush and fill in the whole brows. And once more I would start with the first shade from left (darker) and fill in starting from the arch to the end of the brows, just to intensify and create a better frame to the face.

Up next is the MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new High Precision Lip Pencil ($22.00 each) that comes in 12 beautiful shades divided into three natural tone categories – Nude, Pink and Red. These are super hydrated and glide on beautifully on the lips and with full coverage. Lasting power is very good, it lasts all day long, it does contain olive oil and glycerin complex which helps with keeps the lips nourished.
I received two shades from the collection which are N 13 from Nude family and N42 from Red family. I am a firm believer of wearing lip liner under the lipstick will add life to the lipstick, plus lip liners gives a perfect finish to the lips. As I do have a very dry lips, I always make sure to wear lip liner that are hydrating as well as I do consider the lasting power since I’m a little lazy on refreshing my lipstick most of the times so lip liners are always a game changer in my case.

Bottom line I was very pleased with the new releases of Make Up For Ever, the Pro Sculpting Brow Palette is definitely my must have for my brows from now on, I couldn’t believe on letting go the product I have been using it for many years. This brow palette gives you the most natural looking brows without working hard on them. There are no harsh lines behind, it creates the most beautiful looking brows ever. I don’t have many lip liners in my makeup drawer except few stable ones and the High Precision Lip Pencil are definitely going to be my favorite ones, they do stay long enough on the lips as well as they don’t dry on lips like most other lip pencils do, especially not on my dry lips. You can find these in store at Sephora as well as

The Pro Sculpting Brow Palette and High Precision Lip Pencils were provided by Make Up For Ever team for reviewing purposes.