Laniege | Eye Sleeping Mask

When it comes to masking we all never step back and for the last couple of years masking is trending tremendously. There are a huge range of masks particularly for all parts of the body but for the first time Laniege is introducing a new Eye Sleeping Mask (C$44 for 25 ml) exclusive for Sephora. This is a leave on eye mask that deeply hydrates the skin around the eye area and helps to de-puff the eyes through out the night while sleeping. First thing first I was very excited and I found the idea to be very innovative and practical – especially when almost all the time when masking we leave the eye area unmasked regarding health safety issues. But not any more, you can really get those under eye area get hydrated and look soft and smooth for a better makeup look. It is designed for all skin tones and textures – even sensitive skin. The formula is lightweight and is designed with eye moisture wrap technology which helps to soothe and maintain deep hydration while you’re sleeping.

I have been a pure lover for hydrating and over night sleeping masks, I’m a huge fan of the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask reviewed here for a very long time now and I was supper excited and thrilled to try out this Sleeping mask for the first time. My under eye skin is supper dry and I always try to keep it well hydrated and smooth with my eye moisturizers. The packing is also very unique, it comes in with a ceramic applicator that takes out enough product to go over the eye area each time. The ceramic applicator have a cooling effect where it de-puff the eye area while applying the product.
You want to avoid dispensing the product very close to the under eye area, using the ceramic applicator – dot a generous amount along the orbital bone and try to use patting motion to get the product into the skin, although I found the product to be very light and gets into the skin immediately but it works like a thin-film over the skin. You can easily introduce it as the last step for your nightly skin care routine. The skin looks and feels soft and smooth in the morning. I have been using it for the last couple of weeks, twice a week. Although I’m at the stage that I haven’t formed any fine lines and wrinkles but keeping up with three kids, one 13 months – sleepless nights does add up some puffiness under my eye area. The main different for me before/after was in over all feel of the skin of under eye area. The skin feels more hydrated and significantly less puffier than normally they’re in the morning. And I found your makeup really goes nicely or in other words the concealer sets pretty nice and fresh the following day. The performance of the eye mask is similar to other skin care products in the sense that you can only really measure the impact to one’s skin after extended use.

At the end a huge thumbs up for this amazing product. It’s easy to use, you can easily introduce it to your nightly routine a very practical especially for the those who suffer from dry skin. The skin feels soft and smooth the next morning and the makeup and concealer really sets nicely over the skin without enhancing the fine lines and wrinkles. Hydration is the key for a nice and smooth looking skin no matter what type skin you have and this product offer maximum hydration to your under eye area. You can now find the Eye Sleeping Mask in store and online at Sephora.

Press samples were provided and courtesy of Laneige.