Esthederm: Sun Bronz Dry Oil Care (2 Suns)

I discovered Sun Bronze Dry Oil 2 Suns (C$69.00) just couple of months ago, thanks to the Beautysense team for sending this amazing product over for testing. I have had used couple of Dry oils before but I felt in love with this oil just within one application. I don’t know who I would compare this to many other luxury body oils but this one is probably have become a favorite one of mine. This is a Ultra Nourishing Body oil that optimizes a very natural tanning and brings the skin to look its best. This is a perfect product for those with normal skin, it’s a multi tasking body tanning oil that you can use it for many different reasons. I have tested it on my body and I found it to be perfect to nourish your body, mainly legs and arms. It absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any kind of greasy residue. Skin feels silky and radiant with a very soft sheen. The tan is very subtle and appears luminous and long-lasting.
This Sun Bronze Oil evens out skin, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and any brown patches.  It carries a very light and soft scent that doesn’t interfere with your daily perfume. It comes in a very lightweight bottle with a spray dispenser which makes it more ideal for a quick application.

Bottom line I have had used couple of dry oils for my body before since I have a very dry skin to deal with but never got my hands to a tanning dry oil. I found this tanning oil works great, keeps skin well hydrated with a very nice subtle glow that evens out skin. It rarely burns skin if out in the sun for a very long time. But I find its perfect for summer days when you spend an average hours out side. You can find this online at by getting 10% off your purchase with use MIDOLE at the checkout plus with free delivery within Canada, also you can find this product at
Press sample were provide and courtesy of Institut Esthederm.