Estee Lauder | Pure Color Love Lipstick

Estee Lauder just launched 30 shades of Pure Color Love Lipsticks (C$28.00 each) four finishes Crème, Chromes, matte and Shimmers. These Pure Color Love Lipsticks carries a very blam like texture that glides on lips smoothly. They are ultra soft, hydrating and have that nice sheen finish. They’re medium to full coverage and carries a great range of shades. I received 15 shades from the collection to try. I found there are many shades that look very similar once you put on lips. But they all have that wow factor once you apply them on the lips. There are a mixture of shades in Crème and shimmer finish but there are quite some bold and vibrant shades in matte finish, and the Chrome finish only comes in three colors. Lasting power isn’t that exceptional, it’s as good as any other high-end lipstick would last, reapplication is required after wearing them for couple of hours or after meals for sure. But They feel very comfortable while on the lips even the matte ones.

  • 140 Naked City (Crème) is a pure beige nude shade.
  • 210 Naughty Nice (Matte) is a lovely pink with a warm under tone.
  • 220 Shock & Awe (Matte) is a hot cool pink.
  • 250 Radical Chic (Crème) is a reddish mauve. 
  • 110 Raw Sugar (Matte) is a mauve nude.

  • 460 Ripped Raisin (Shimmer) is a plum mauve shade.
  • 270 Haute & Cold (Shimmer) is a cherry mauve shade.
  • 430 Crazy Beautiful (Crème) is a perfect mauve shade.
  • 440 High-Voltage  (Crème) is a
  • 200 Proven Innocent (Matte) is a neutral pink shade.

  • 120 Rose Xcess (Matte) is a beautiful deep berry red. 
  • 240 Pert A Party (Crème) is a brick red.
  • 310 Bar Red (Matte) is a true red.
  • 320 Burning Love (Matte) is a plum red.
  • 320 Juice it up (Matte) Neutral pink.

The Pure Love Color pigmented and comes in with a very different and innovative shape for a more précised application especially on the outer edge of lips. You can get true shade by one swipe where you need to swipe it for couple of times to get lips fully covered. I found the matte finishes carries more coverage than the ones with crème or shimmery finishes. I absolutely loved the formula and love the entire collection, I get as excited as any girl would when they see and to try out an entire collection of lipsticks. They shaped in a way that it easily glides on the surface of the lips. I’m a huge sucker when it comes to packaging and the Pure Love Color comes in gold and very sleek-looking packaging.

Bottom line Pure Love for these Pure Love Color Lipstick collection by Estee Lauder. I’m truly impressed with the selection of colors and shades with different finishes. The quality, performance and selection of color is there. The collection didn’t come in with the three chrome shades that I’m tempting to get my hands on and give them a try. Although I thought there were many shades that looked similar in terms of color once applied to the lips (mauves with different under tones as well as lots of reds with different under tones) but with slightly different finish. The texture is soft and creamy and stays input for a good amount of time. There is something for every to choose from the collection with wild verity of shades and colors and with different finishes. Pure Color Lipstick Collection by Estee Lauder is now available at all department counters now as well as


Pure Love Color Lipstick collection Courtesy of Estee Lauder for reviewing purposes.