Clinique | Lash Power™ Flutter-to-Full Mascara & High Impact™ Custom Black Kajal


I have had some Clinique bits that I’ve accumulated but I had not yet reviewed for you all. By now there are many more new additions to Clinique’s counter, Clinique had launched  Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara and High Impact Custom Black Kajal just recently and today I’m happy to share my thoughts on these products.
clinique-masracaUp first is Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara ($28) is a custom lash mascara which dials up the volume from flirty to full on phenomenal lash look. The Lash Power Flutter-to Full mascara is beautifully packaged in a very elegant way. It only comes in Black which I find is bold black and it gives lashes a full definition. I loved how you can control over the amount of product by twisting the dial, I personally love to use less product but layer them for more volume. I find getting more product will add clumps to the lashes unless if you’re blessed with long and thick lashes then just one coat of full product mascara will do the job.
 clinique mascaraIt is smudge resistant and smears for up to 24 hours which I was very pleased with it, I do have hooded eyelid with pretty good length of lashes and most of the times the lashes do touch the skin and if I’m not wearing a good layer of eyeshadow it does crease to my eyelid. It comes off the lashes easily with warm water at the end of the day which added a plus point. Some thing that I don’t want to forget to share is it’s appropriate for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
kajalNext High Impact Custom Black Kajal ($21) come in four colors, Blackened Blue, Blackened Black, Blackened Brown and Blackened Green. They all carries a very dark bold colors and packed with pigment – and they’re rich and dark for a bold eye look. The staying power is amazing it seals into the lash line up to 12 hours, I was very pleased on how well it stayed on my eyes for great amount of time without smudging. I most of the times wear eye pencils – love the smudge look on daily basis and these Kajals have became my latest obsessions. If you like the smudge look I would recommend to smudge the liners right after use since they do set quickly and if you want to go a little bolder you can always add layers to desire. All colors are absolutely gorgeous and black with hint color and Blackened Black is one of the most blackest eye Kajal that I have used by far.