Benefit | Boi-ing Concealer Collection

Benefit cosmetics have just introduced the Boi-ing Concealer Collection on June 23, 2017. This collection contains Benefit’s top-selling concealers with a new look and name as well as one new addition to the Boi-ing family. This is my first time going over Benefit cosmetics concealer, I do have couple of favorites from the brand like their POREfessional make up primer and High Beam highlighters. Benefit cosmetics always comes with fun looking packing and this time the theme for this collection is pencil erasers. I loved the look and feel of the packaging, it definitely takes you back in school time. The collection carries concealer for all kind of concealing dilemmas. You can use these together or alone to create your very own custom concealing finish. They all come in for three shades to complement all skin tones.

Up first is the B0i-ing Air brush concealer (C$27)- this is a lightweight concealer that blurs, smooths and conceals for a flawless finish. This concealer melts into the skin for a seamless finish. The coverage is sheer to medium, you can use your finger tips for more coverage and a flawless finish. I personally use my finger tips for my under eye area or any other parts of my face, where I need more coverage. Plus using a taping or pressing motion is going to help with to set the product and seal it. It’s a multipurpose concealer that hides and covers every thing. I loved using this a highlighter for overall complexion. It gives a nice air brushed finish to the skin, it stays input without sliding or creasing.

The Boi-ing Brightening concealer (C$27) is a full coverage brightening concealer that brightens and corrects dull and tired under eye skin. The texture is creamy and lightweight, it blends into the skin and foundation seamlessly. I like to correct the skin rather than applying thicker layer of concealer or foundation. This is a nice correcting concealer with a good amount of color to hide any kind of discoloration under the eye area or around the mouth but you have to keep in mind that this will only correct if the discolorations is mild. You can mix orange or red color to cover any higher degree of discoloration of skin.

Up next is the Industrial Strength concealer (C$27) this is also a full coverage concealer, this works great for dark circles. I think  this is one of Benefit cosmetics original formula. You can use this for any king of dilemma, it’s a heavy-duty concealer that covers every thing. The texture is super creamy and finishes to matte. I personally loved this concealer since I do have some dark circles to hide plus I loved how the formula stays input for a good amount of time and without creasing. I would say it carries a semi matte finish or velvety texture, it doesn’t look cakey.

Last but not least the Hydrating concealer (C$27) is a concealer with hydrating formula. The concealer is sealed in with a hydra smoothing formula that keeps the skin well hydrated for a long period of time. This carries a sheer coverage and gives a nice natural finish. You can use this with combination with any other concealer to get a better coverage. Although I have a dry skin, I like full coverage concealer. To me this is a good concealer to those without any big concerns. I just a new-born and being mother of three sleepless nights adds more darkness to my under eye area. I loved that its super hydrating but coverage is sheer. I would say these are perfect for the teenagers, where they might need less coverage.

Swatches of all concealers side by side:

Over all I was impressed with the whole Boi-ing concealer collection, there is definitely something for every one to hide and conceal any kind of dilemma that they have regarding their skin issues. I personally loved the new Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer for its lasting power and performance as well as the Industrial Strength and Brightening concealers carries a high coverage texture. The Boi-ing collection is now available at and

Many thanks the Benefit Cosmetics team for sending press samples for editorial purposes.