Back to School Edition

School is just a month away and I know many moms already have their lists checked yet some retailers just dropped their back-to-school collections that I am covering here. Here I have some of my favourite items for back to school. I tried to bring in things from different retailers so it would be easier for you to shop. I have some amazing true and tested items from Amazon as well as H&M that just dropped amazing items and if you’re a member you get 10% off your items plus free shipping.

My kids already have a bunch of summers fashion items that I ordered during the ZARA sale (many of the items they haven’t got to wear) that will take them during the first day of the school year. Here I am sharing styles that will take kids through their upcoming fall days.


Find good quality fashion items on Amazon is quite frustrating, I don’t have a huge selection of clothing for kids with different sizes but these ones are some of the items I have got for my kids through the years. The quality is on point and comes in great selections. You can find the details on my Amazon Shop under the Back to School category.

Adidas Boys’ Tricot Set // Nike Unisex Sneaker // Adidas Boys Set // Nike Boys Active Set // Julylee Girls Cotton Pink Sweatshirts Tops // Bento Boxes Lunch Box // Nike Baby Kids Ankle Gripper Socks // Little Boys Cartoon Pattern Cotton Sweatpants // Girls’ Lightweight WaterKeds // Spotted Zebra Girls’ Hooded Sherpa Fleece Jacket // Hello Kitty Little Girls’ 2 Piece Hooded Fleece Active Clothing Set // Kids’ Kickstart 3v Sneaker


H&M is probably one of the brands that I trust for its quality and style when it comes to kids’ fashion. They’re all well priced and they perform quite amazing. H&M just dropped their back-to-school collection and here are some styles I am going to order for my kids and I think are quite darling and practical for back-to-school looks.

Girls 2 Piece // 2. Girls 2-PieceSweatshirt Set // 3. Boys 2-piece Printed Set// 4. Boys 2-piece Printed Set
Girls 2-piece Printed Jersey Set // 2. Girls Printed Hoodie // 3. Boys Hoodie // 4. Boys 2-piece Set // Ankle Socks

I have put out a nice first-day outfit inspiration in this post for girls and boys, it’s slightly stylish yet comfortable at the same time to take them through their first day.

Boys: 1. Boys Jersey Shirt // 2. Boys Hooded Denim Jacket// 3. Boys Joggers // 4. Boys Sneakers
Girls: 1. Girls Tie-hem Jersey Top // 2. Girls Treggings // 3. Girls Oversized Cardigan //
4. Girls Sneakers


1. Rain Jacket //2. Rubber Boots // 3. Face Masks // 4. Hand Sanittizers Holder // 5. Printed Backpack // 6. Hand Sanittizers // 7. Water Bottle // 8. Hand Sanittizer Holder // 9. Water-repellent Jacket // 10. Scrunchies 11. Face Mask 12. Rubber Boots