Quick Check In..

Quickly wanted to come by and say hi to all my lovely followers and to find how every one been doing. The world seems like turning all upside down and in some point I find it really stressful. We’re very close to get a second wave of Covid-19 and I see stay-home-order is on its way for us. At this point I see almost every one is struggling with running their business and decent life for them and their families. And I see essential stores getting back their lineups and almost some aisles are starting to look clear.

At this point we’re all holding up fine. I decided to choose virtual learning option for my kids, its just gives me a peace of mind that they’re safe. There already been more than 3 Covid cases in their school, so I am really happy with my decision plus its going pretty well. We try to get our daily exercise plus we take kids for their walk time and discover fall season almost every single day. At home we’re using our backyard that has a beautiful view with some gardening and home workouts, cleaning and organizing which you all have been following me along with it through my Instagram Account.

How you guys been doing? What have been keep you all busy during this time? with three kids, running a full time blog and keeping up with some home organizing and decorating I get no time to think of anything which I am super thankful. Here today I wanted to share what I have been loving as well as giving you all on what I have planed to share here with you all.

I have been enjoying this Fall season the most at this time. We have been walking & discovering through all the trails that our neighborhood owned. Fall is one of my most favorite season, I abslouly love everything in fashion, home decorating, enjoying outdoors and how all beautiful colors comes alive at the same time.

I have been spending time organizing and re-creating my home decor for almost entire house. Its been tiring! but I am really happy on how things are coming out. I am still waiting on some decorative items that I have ordered and it seems like it will take quite some time till they arrive – I will soon share links as well as on how I have been organizing things plus I was shocked on how many of you enjoyed and used the swipe up links on my H&M fall fashion and many of you requested on more posts like that. I recently shared my ZARA Sale favorites here which I am wearing one of the pieces in this post. I will share my seasonal fashion finds, home organizing tools and tips as well as few health posts that I think is helpful.

My beauty posts will be loaded here sharing new arrivals which I am super excited for – I am excited to share the Guerlain ROUGE G Stunning Gems Lipsticks , Loreal Steampod Hair Straightener as well as Armani beauty’s new fragrance My Way that I am super excited to share with you all.

Let me know what been keeping you all busy during this time? And how you have been holding up?