Laura Mercier | Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara & Lip Parfait Creamy Balm

Recently I got to try out couple of new items from Laura Mercier which I have been amazed within the first application. My every day look consists of a nice hydrating CC cream along with long tick lashes, cream blush and nice pinkish nude lips using a lip balm. Laura Mercier is one of my favorite beauty brands and I was supper excited to try out these new items from her line. I must admit it have succeeded my expectations.

This Extra Lash Scultpting Mascara (C$36.68 made in Italy)  is truly a luxurious mascara with a super creamy formula that gives lashes mega lengthening while it really enhances the natural contour of lashes with super black color. Its stays on the lashes pretty amazing while it doesn’t smear or smudge. 

You guys all know I don’t wear extensions on my lashes nor I’m a fake lash lover for every day look. All I need is a good mascara top it with my brushing technique and I’m all set. I have been loving that fake lash look on my eye lashes while it’s not harsh on my lashes. The formula is super hydrating where it the lashes doesn’t feel stiff. For me it really worked well and added So much volume and length, and I truly appreciate that zero clump look.

Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm (C$33.00 for ) is a super hydrating formula with a very balmy texture that provides a succulent color with a wet shine and lustrous finish. It carries enough pigment with a nice and smooth finish. I haven’t tried any lip formula before but this one is a definitely a must have for me. It comes in 12 absolutely beautiful shades that can melt any women’s heart. It glides beautifully without leaving any stick while its super comfortable on the lips. The staying power is as good as any other normal lip balm would last, for me it lasted couple of hours and reapplication was necessary, especially after meals but it didn’t bother me at all since its a good every day lip balm. I have mixed wearing this with my liquid lipstick for the days I need more lasting power and look pretty beautiful. As well as a nice matte lip liner would helps with staying power.
You all know I’m a huge lover for lux looking packages and this is so pretty and the special appearance of Laura Mercier’s signature adds so much to the finish of this lipstick.

Overall a loving these two items from Laura Mercier, I feel like I found my lost love for both of them. The mascara is truly fabulous and works amazing with a great lasting power. This is one of the mascaras I would reach without giving it a second thought. And as a nude lip lover I truly have been loving the formula and color of this lip balm. Supper hydrating while it finishes the lips wet. Its already in my on the go makeup bag. You can find the items available at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Press samples provided and curtesy of Laura Mercier and a huge thank you to the PR team for brining in this to my attenion.