Holiday Home Finds

The holiday season is here and it a just a perfect time to add details to the overall look of your home. I just wrapped up my fall décor and added just some new holiday pieces to bring the season’s vibe. I got a few items that add texture and finish everything with simplicity yet every elegant.

  1. Scented Candle in Glass Holder is a beautiful piece with a golden finish that you can use all year long. You can place it anywhere in your home very easily.
  2. Marble Cake Stand one of my favorite pieces that you can use to serve or add as a décor piece.
  3. 4-pack Teaspoons are a set of golden spoons that adds a perfect texture to your coffee table.
  4. Small Stainless Steel Bowl is my favorite piece that you can add to your coffee table or kitchen table.
  5. Small Ceramic Vase is a perfect piece of art that adds a nice modern finish to the entire room.
  6. Faux Fur Throw is my favorite piece. It’s very similar to the one I have and many of you wanted me to link something similar so here it’s very close to the one I own.
  7. Small Metal Tray I absolutely love this one. It’s the perfect base for your candles and other table essentials.
  8. Porcelain Plate the combination of gold and white is just perfect and it really blends in with any holiday décor.
  9. Velvet Cushion Cover is a perfect decorative piece that adds texture and warmth around the room. They come in two more colors and they’re quite nice. It adds a nice luxurious texture.
  10. Faux Leather Tray is a perfect piece that adds texture while keeps everything simple.