Dior | Hydralife

Dior just add some new items to their Hydra Life line, Hydra Life was born last year when Dior introduced a great range of eco-friendly products that are gentle on the skin. The collection is formulated with natural ingredients and produced using sustainable forest management methods. The Hydralife Collection is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. This time the Hydralife is introducing a hydrating Sorbet program for a naturally beautiful skin that you prefer it bare, plus couple of cleansers. The Collection is truly focused on hydration which is The Sorbet Program – it’s the three key steps for naturally beautiful skin. The theme is based on iconic ingredients of Hydra Life which is Mallow and Haberlea extract that boost water circulation in skin and stimulate skin flora responsible for its natural defense. The Hydralife new additions contains:

  • Life Micellar Milk No Rinse Cleanser
  • Life Triple Impact Makeup Remover
  • Life Sorbet Rich Crème Jar
  • Life Sorbet Water 2 in 1
  • Life Cooling Hydration Sorbet Eye Gel

Up first is the Life Micellar Milk No Rinse Cleanser (C$49.00 for 200 ml) is a micellar milk cleanser that removes makeup and nourishes the skin. The formula combines the performance of micellar water with softness of a milk to target all skin textures from dry sensitive skin to oily and prone skin at the same time. The texture is light and doesn’t’ feel greasy or heaving upon application and it transforms into an emulsion texture once contacted to the skin. It nourishes skin while takes off all makeup and impurities , leaving skin soft and clean.

Up next is the Life Sorbet Rich Crème Jar (C$82.00 for 50 ml) is a nourishing and strengthening multi rescue balm that soothe the skin upon application. Its formulated with Mallow butter which nourishes and strengthens the skin barrier and Chamomile extract which is a key ingredient to clam the irritations. The texture is light but feels buttery – it gets into the skin immediately without feeling heavy or greasy on skin. It’s highly effective to target dehydrated and sensitive skin. It literally leaves skin soft, smooth and lustrous. I have had used with Fresh Hydration Sorbet cream last year – reviewed here which I have been loving it for the fact it’s lightweight, yet keeps the skin well hydrated all day long, just perfect for hot summer days.

Next is the Life Sorbet Water 2 in 1 (C$52 for 175 ml) which is a beauty water that invented in Dior Asian Innovation Center in Japan, it simultaneously moisturizes and rebalance the skin. It’s designed for more oily and sensitive skin but I found it to be working great on my dry skin as well. It works just like a toning lotion that keeps the skin hydrated all day long while it works on minimizing pores and imperfections. It works great on all skin types and textures.

Last is the Life Cooling Hydration Sorbet Eye Gel (C$70 for 15ml) is a nice and hydrating eye gel that refreshes and awakens the eyes upon application. It helps with dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles. It carries a very unique ceramic applicator which gives the effect of an ice-cube that promotes eye contour microcirculation. The eyes instantly opens up and the cooling effect from the ceramic applicator de-puff eye bags immediately. it’s designed the way where you can carry it with you any where and can easily applied for fresher and smooth eye looks.

Overall the whole collection is amazing, I love it for the fact that there is the only skin care line that keeps things simple, easy yet very effective. If you’re some one like me that doesn’t have much concern except hydration or some one who wants to start with a nice hydrating skin care line – I would highly recommend to introduce the Hydra Life line to your skin care routine. The Hydra Life is now available in store and online at Sephora and all department stores at Dior counter.

Press sample were provided and courtesy of Dior.