7 Shopping Tips on How to Shop ZARA

ZARA is one of the most popular retailers in high street fashion. Zara’s annual sales happen twice a year – the day after Christmas and the third week of June. New items get snapped up in minutes and you’re size seems to be not there at all, which could be frustrating. You need to know how to snatch items that you want, without breaking the deal. I have had some research done on how to be smart and know how to find out how to get the best out of your shopping spree especially when it comes to ZARA sales.
Zara gone Algorithm smart a long time ago and they know what sells well every season, so they reproduce their best-selling products gradually. If you miss on a product that sells out fast you’re more likely to get the same product in a similar version very soon. You also get to know what’s a best seller when throughout the collection there is quite the same product with different variations. Every store manager knows what goes fast so they can restock on the same or similar product on the floor, soon.

Zara is one of the most loved retailers and I find everyone appreciates their style and price range. Always make sure to ask for advice from the right people or try to find bloggers that have your style. I find with ZARA you don’t want to wait around especially; if you love it – buy it. I have had quite some incidence where I waited for the items to go on sale but rather they were gone for good. Each season there are key trends where it will take you to the next season easily, but it’s hard to predict what’s coming. You can definitely sneak by and stock on some of the most trendy items when they go on sale while playing around on some must-have pieces during the season.

The winter season is officially at in end and by end of December everything will go on sale and ZARA will bring summer pieces. It’s a perfect time to buy your winter basics like knits, trousers and turtlenecks. It’s always a good idea to stock on basics, with no patterns. You’re most likely to save them for next season or if you live in Canada it will take you through our long and cold winter and spring months. Sales start at 10:00 am and usually sizes go quickly (yes people shop at 10:00 am), making sure if you’re shopping online get what you like in your size and you can review at the end or you can always return. If you go back to get the same item you liked at the beginning of your shopping spree, you may not find your size anymore. And if you’re shopping in-store don’t forget the stock room. Always ask for something you don’t see, some time things are still stored in the stock room because there is no space on the floor or there are not quite sizes to display. Most of the time ZARA gets its stock twice a week and it’s usually Mondays and Thursdays, it might be best to check the store on those days to get your hands to new styles and sizes, Saturdays are the worst!

Everyone goes gaga for ZARA sales where they reduce only a little in the first few days, I would suggest getting what’s a must-have for you in the first couple of weeks. They’re less likely to take off the price of the pieces that are in demand but if it’s not, they go down 50%-60% in the first sale. Right now coats, boots, knitwear are only reduced a little, anything from the summer months, like swimsuits, light fabrics or light knitwear is a real bargain. Again you can stock on simple basic needs for spring and summer-like (jeans, white shirts or t-shirts, legging and sandals) on the first couple of weeks of sale while you may play around on the web or in-store to see if you get your hands on some must-have winter pieces.