Lancôme | Monsieur Big Heart-Shaped Eyeshadow Palette

Lancôme launched Monsieur Big Heart-Shaped Eyeshadow Palette (C$65.00 Limited Edition) and it’s just beautiful! it’s a pink heart-shaped palette loaded with 12 intensely pigmented eyeshadows in nude, rosy and chocolate hues. It comes with a nice pigment that is excellent when it comes to blending. This palette pulls soft rosy looks as well as you can really go bold. There are enough colors in this palette to give you a wide range of complete eye looks in different ways. The formula contains crease resistant technology which makes the lasting power even better. The palette carries a mix of mattes and metallics textures.

The Makeup artist makeup artist Lisa Eldridge have designed the palette and they have designed the palette with three different looks (Crush, Date and Night), marked them step by step. Which makes it super easy to get the looks or you can really go over the board and create your very own looks. I personally barely get to play with colors but I can see my self using this palette.

This Palette contains:

  • Big Crush-Base is a soft nude in matte
  • Big Crush-Liner is a light gold in metallic
  • Big Crush-Highlight is a light pink in metallic
  • Big Crush-Corner (coral matte

  • Big Date-Base is a nice rose gold in matte
  • Big Date-Liner is a bronze shade in metallic
  • Big Date-Highlight is a white color in metallic
  • Big Date-Corner is a pop pink in matte

  • Big Night-Base is a beautiful plum brown in metallic
  • Big Night-Liner is a nice wine red in matte
  • Big Night-Highlight is a gorgeous fuchsia red in metallic
  • Big Night-Corner is a brick brown in metallic

I have been playing with this palette for the past week now and I think is a beautiful option for those who want a little bit of every thing in a plum and rosy palette.

The packaging it self make me think of valentines day but definitely it adds a nice finish to your over all vanity look. It does come with a big mirror compact which I find this palette to be easy to carry for your short trips. It does have every thing you need to create some soft every day look as well as bold rosy smoky eye looks. The lasting power is really good, stays put together and doesn’t budge.

Bottom line, I loved it! its beautiful, performs well, blends and layers beautifully and has every color to create a rosy plum eye look. You can easily create the looks, and if you’re some one like me who doesn’t play much with bold and bright shades this is one of the palettes that I would reach out to it. There are soft neutral shades plus a hint of color just for the days you want a pop of color. You can now find it available now at Sephora and Nordstrom.

Press sample provided & courtesy of Lancôme. 


YSL Beauty | Water Stain Lip Stain

YSL beauty just released a new line of lipsticks Water Stain Lip Stain (C$49.00 each for 0.2 oz/ 5.9 mL). I found out about these new launch when I was stalking on the Sephora page to find out some newness. These are lightweight stain lipsticks that are enriched with water and with high-shine. I’m a huge fan of YSL balms and lipsticks and I found these were some thing in my interest. And if you loved the Volupte Plump in Color balms then you’re going to be obsessed with these Water Stain Lipsticks. The formula sets beautifully and comfortably on the lips while provides hydration throughout the day. These are formulated with 40% water and Gliding oils which makes them to set comfortable on the lips and have an ultra smooth hydrating feel.
They come in fifteen beautiful shades ranging from nudes to very bold reds.

I received 6 out of 15 shades:

  • 602 Vague de Rouge is a nice fresh strawberry red
  • 605 Bain de Corail is a soft coral orange
  • 609 Submerged Coral is a deep pink coral
  • 612 Rouge Deluge is a bold vivid pure red
  • 615 Ruby Wave is a nice deep cool blue red
  • 618 Wet Vermilion is a blood orange red

The color range is phenomenal and there are quite more different shades available. I received them mostly in reds and corals which I found some of them were really close in shade. The coverage is sheer to medium with a lush feel into them. They leave in a nice tint on the lips which looks and feels super fresh, but the shine do fade off after couple of hours. The texture is buildable where you have more control over the coverage. It does add a nice full lip illusion especially when its fresh.

These come with a flexible cushiony sponge applicator, I loved how it really distributes a good amount of products on the lips evenly. The applicator was inspired by the curve of wave to apply them precisely for a more luxurious look and without feeling sticky. Lasting power is amazing for the fact that the pigment it leaves on the lips as a tint is absolutely amazing but you may want to reapply to achieve that high shine finish. The shine stays on for few hours as long as you don’t touch the lips but the formula leaves the lips super smooth.The packaging carries the same iconic liquid look with a black cap and clear bottom.

At the end I absolutely loved the formula. If you’re some one like me who loves tints and lip balms yet want some thing with color, you definitely need to check these out! I loved the whole colour range, I need to check more shades. I’m gravitating more on soft shades but Ruby Wave has become a favorite of mine. They’re different in terms of texture and finish and I’m truly obsessed! I have loved the Volupte Color Balms but these are totally different. The color range is quite amazing and pretty, they look super fresh which I find them perfect for summer time. I already have a couple of them into my bag so I can reach to them easily and more often.

You can find them now at Sephora and Nordstrom, have you tried any of them yet?

Press samples were provided and courtesy of YSL beauty for editorial purposes. 


Giorgia Armani Beauty | Light di Gioia Eau de Parfume

Armani Beauty just release a collection of new Perfume with different notes and with pleasantly fresh scent. I believe this collection is not new but they have reformulated the scents and came up with a better presentation of the perfume this time. This collection consists of four fragrance with different touch of scent to please every one. The collection includes:

  • Light de Gioia
  • Acqua de Gioia
  • Sky de Gioia
  • All de Gioia

I was supper happy to get my hands to the most beautiful and Light edition of its Floral scent Light di Gioia Eau de Parfume (C$105.00 for 50 mL).  This is a perfume with a very light and warm floral scent that brings luminosity and joy. As a floral scent lover I find the combination of jasmine and sheer woods are truly amazing. This is a perfect summer kind of scent that makes me happy and very well put together. It has Jasmine, Gardenia and Warm Woods where you can really smell the true scent of Jasmine in this fragrance. I personally can’t wear very strong scent of Cologne and parfume but this one carries enough scent to make me happy and get me through my day and night.
I have not tried fragrances from Armani’s line before so really can’t compare them with the older version of these di Gioia. In terms of lasting power this is one of the best and longest lasting. I pleasantly feeling amazing with the high notes of Jasmine.

Press sample provided and courtesy of Armani Beauty.