YSL | Libre Eau De Parfum

This fall season YSL beauty has launched their New Libre Eau de Parfum (C#125 for 50 mL/ C$168 for 90 mL). After testing quite some of the YSL beauty’s fragrance I have become a fan of their fragrance department and I was thrilled for a chance to try out this Libre from YSL. Their floral scents are light and very elegant. This is also a nice floral fragrance with high notes of:

  • Lavender Essence
  • Orange Blossom
  • Must Accord

The bottle is exquisite and carries a very luxurious feel. The combination of gold chain around the neck which reminiscent of the iconic YSL it-bags and black asymmetric cap makes the look of the bottle very glamorous as well as the craved YSL logo makes this piece timeless.

I feel like most of your as excited to try this as I was and all I can say is – it’s a classic and timeless fragrance! I smell Lavender and a hint of Musk Accord which I find it’s an amazing combination and topping it with Moroccan’s Orange Blossom makes the scent ultra feminine. It has a very long-lasting power, and by comparison to YSL Black Opium and Mon Paris Florale this is quite different. You can really pick the floral notes more than any of the other two fragrances.

This is a fragrance that I love to carry with my self every where, it not only luxuriously accessorize your bag – it also offers that strong woman feel. It really picks up my mood and gives me that internal power feel. Have you tried this yet? What’s your classic perfume scent?

It’s now available in store and online at Sephora and YSLBeauty.ca.

Perfume provided courtesy of YSL Beauty for editorial purposes. 


Nars | The Iconic Lipstick Collection

Nars is celebrating its 25 years! And to celebrate the brand reintroduced their entire Iconic Lipstick Collection line with 60 captivating shades in Matte, Satin and Sheer (C$34.00 for 0.12 oz./ 3.5 g). I have been a true lover for the Nars Lipstick line especially their Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and Velvet Lip Glides are my favorite formulas. They come in their signature black and white tubes with a soft velvet finish. I was really excited to try out these new reformulated lipsticks in four beautiful shades:

  • Belle De Jour which is a beautiful nude beige in Sheer
  • Pour Toujours is a gorgeous nice warm dusty pink in Matte
  • Jolie Mome is a perfect red plum in Matte
  • Soul Train is a nice deep purple in Matte

I have had tried couple of other shades from the brand which were limited edition and I have loved the formula. The new formula seems to be a bit different from the originals with new finishes. They’re infused with Passion Fruit Seed Oil which is keeps the lips hydrated. The collection comes in three finishes Sheer, Matte and Satin. The four shades I received three are in matte and one in sheer. I already had Orgasm shade which is in Satin. I was able to take a look all over the collection over their finishes. The pigment is medium with all textures yet buildable to full coverage. Matte texture ones have a better coverage over the Sheers but overall the formulas seems pretty consistent across each finish.


Sheer ones caries a nice glossy finish and feels comfortable on lips. Satin one have a very classic lipstick finish with a good coverage but not too heavy yet it feels a bit thick on the lips. Mattes ones are lightweight, full coverage and carries a feather like feel with a soft finish that doesn’t look dry on the lips. It also glides quite nicely on the lips than most of other matte finish lipsticks.

I have been a long time lover for the Orgasm shade and it looks really nice when wear it with a nice coral pink lip liner. The wide color selection is impressive yet definitely overwhelming to look through all of them at once. I find its easier if you set your mind on its texture and color range before you go over the whole collection, that way you get to find your perfect shade your looking for and believe me there is some thing for every one.
There is a slight twist or change in the packaging. The packaging looks sleek with a stream line and the brans log appears in the bottom part of the lipstick. 

Overall the collection is Impressive! I loved how it stays nice and comfortable on the lips while I truly appreciate the wide range of color selection of 60. Its really hard to chose a favorite ones but I think the shades I received are truly wearable and perfect for Fall season. I can really see myself wearing them all for the next couple of months without giving a second thought. You can find the new collection available in Sephora.

Press sample provided and courtesy of Nars Cosmetics. 


La Prairie | Supreme Blam Cleanser & Crystal Mecellar Water

La prairie just introduced two new skincare products which include Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water. I have used quite some of the skincare products from the brand including the Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion and Skin Caviar Luxe Cream which were very recent launches and indeed every time I get blown out with their quality and performance. Soft and clean skin is one of the most important parts of the skincare routine and it’s really important to pay close attention to what we’re using for the cleansing. I was really excited to try out these new additions to their skincare lines. As many of you already know, I love trying a wide range of skincare to help with different issues as I age! I’m really particular about what I use and how I use it. La Prairie’s philosophy has something that has really impressed me for the past couple of years. They really pay attention to what they introduce as well as their formulas are quite gentle. After testing these new products for several weeks now I can share my thoughts here.

Up first is the new Supreme Balm Cleanser (C$217.15 for 3.4 oz. made in Switzerland) is a gentle yet powerful melting balm cleanser that removes makeup and impurities. It’s a solid balm that melts into the skin once you massage it. The texture is super silky and carries a very rich feel into it. It feels like a creamy oil once you start working it into the skin and immediately removes all traces of face makeup after you rinse with warm water. The cleanser really works into the skin and improves hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The Packing is quite amazing and comes in cream or jar like packaging that makes it easy to scoop out the product.
La Prairie really pays attention to small details and presents its products to their finest. The balm comes with a nice full detail spatula and two facial white cotton cloth.

A closer look at the packaging and product itself.  


As much as I really love traditional cleansing oils I find solid cleanser balms are a lot easier to use with less mess. There’s no drip from your hands as well as it doesn’t run into your eye accidentally like oil cleansers. I love how it really removes the makeup at once and at all. The packaging is designed to hold the spatula which makes it perfect for me. I always misplace my spatulas! At the same time, these white face cloths are quite soft and soak up the extra water from the complexion.

Up next is the Crystal Micellar Water (C$189.13 for 5.1 oz. made in Switzerland) is gentle one-gesture cleansing formula that effectively cleanse the skin removing makeup, pollutants and other impurities that remains essential for maintaining for a youthful-looking and clean skin. Its formulated with Liquid Crystal technology with the indulgence of pure, clear Swiss glacier water that soothes the skin and leaves skin glowing. It removes all face makeup, except for the water-proof and stubborn eye makeup. Usually, cleansing waters don’t remove long-wear eye makeup or mascara – you’ll need a separate bi-phase remover for the eyes. I didn’t really have an issue, it pretty much removed all my daily eye makeup by holding the cotton pad for few more seconds to allow the formula to begin dissolving the eye makeup, and gently sweep it away. You may want to repeat the process in order to really remove all eye makeup. I’m really picky when it comes to cleansing water – with most of them I see my skin turns red but this one have been working great without drying the skin. I can see my skin start glowing once I’m done with the process.

In the end, I’m Impressed! Both products performed so well on my skin that they have become essential to my cleansing routine. I’m trying to use less (which works great) so I can extend the use of the products. In general, I’m a huge lover of cleansing balms but throughout my blogging life, I hadn’t tried anything like this. The Supreme Balm Cleanser is luxuries! it’s quite expensive compare to any other cleansing balm but a little goes a long time while you get the super smooth skin you have always desired.
It’s not easy to find your favorite Micellar Waters, this one is gentle and leaves skin glowing. I can literally use this product as an all in one cleansing step for the nights that I don’t want to wash my face.
You can find these available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Press samples provided and courtesy of La Prairie.