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I love traveling but the hassle of carrying all your essential in regular size is always a challenge for me especially with the liquid restrictions for carry on bags. Being a mom of two, I always try to keep my list of beauty and skin care products as edited as possible. I have been really impressed by some of the new travel sized items and new innovations that I have discovered lately. This includes some of my favorite and must haves from Bioderma, Caudalie Beauty Elixir face mist, Blotting sponges from Beauty Blender, Travalo easy perfume refill and Kusshi Makeup organizer.

Bioderma’s Star Products now in Travel Size:



  • H2O Dermatological waters (C$5.95 for 100 ml) Makeup removing micelle solutions from Bioderma is now available in travel size in all three different textures ( Sensitive to intolerant skin, Dehydrated skin, Combination to oily skin) reviewed here , I am obsessed over these makeup removers. They’ve been supper gentle on my sensitive skin with very high tolerance. It soothes and cleans every thing from face and eyes so there is no trace of makeup (even water proof) or impurities on the skin, especially for busy moms like me there is no hassle of rinse. I was supper excited when I received the new travel sized Makeup removing micelle solutions since now I would be able to carry it with me in my carry on while traveling and removing my makeup during long flights will not be a challenge. I know using makeup removing wipes are always a good idea but you always have an oily residue on the skin, where with these Makeup removing micelle solutions skin feels fresh. You can find these at Shoppers Drug Mart or online at Bioderma.caFullSizeRender (5).
  • Sebium Purifying cleansing foaming gel – is a purifying gel that gently cleanse the impurities of the skin and keeps the pores from becoming clogged, reviewed here. I find this ideal for all skin types especially for oily skin, I love how you can use this as your shaving foam as well. It comes in a tube packaging where it’s very easy to fit it in carry on and it carries enough product to cover you over the travel time with your facial cleansing and shaving at the same time. IMG_1306
  •  Atoderm Gentle shower gel (C$2.95 for 100 ml) is a daily gentle soap free cleansing shower gel which is gentle on the skin. I love how it is gentle enough on dry skin, and the creamy foam rinse off easily, reviewed here. Again it comes in nice tube packaging where it makes it easy to carry it with you with no hassle. IMG_1305

Caudalie Beauty Elixir (C$22 for 30 ml) is a toning mist which sets makeup and provides an instant hydration + radiance to skin, now available in travel size. As many of you know skin gets dry and flaky while you’re high in between clouds and I love this mist to keep my skin well hydrated during those long flights and gets me away from dullness. This Beauty Elixir toning spray can be used as primer for your foundation or to spray in between your makeup for long-lasting and fresh look. You can find this at Sephora’s flying aisle or at .

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Blotterazzi™ by beautyblender® (C$28 for 2 Size 0.62 inches deep x 3.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches high) is a mirrored compact with two blotting sponges for beauty touch ups on the go. I am a pure love of beauty blender, it created a strike free look. It’s ideal for ladies with oily skin but I find this helpful carrying while traveling. It takes less space and you can easily use this as your original beauty blender. If you’re having a dry skin like me, you can use your Caudalie Beauty Elixir setting spray to dump the sponge and you can touch up your makeup or apply foundation for a flawless finish. For ladies with oily skin they can just us it as your blotting paper or you can apply your foundation at the same time for a fresh look.  

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Guerlian Radiance in a Flash Instant Radiance & Tightening (C$ 35 for 0.5 oz) is a treatment gel that promotes the tightening and gives skin a refreshed look during long tiring flights. I like how I comes in a nice small tubes where you can easily fit in your hand bag to keep your skin hydrated as well as give it a perfect glow. Plus makes a nice primer for your foundation so you don’t have to carry many items to get the same results.

s1818764-main-LheroFullSizeRender (1)


Travalo Easy fill perfume spray in Classic HD – ($19 for Classic HD model) is an on the go refill fragrance spray where it can be refilled directly from a standard perfume bottle through the patented and unrivaled Genie-S pump-fill system. It comes in many different looks and prices where it ensures the fragrance is never contaminated by exposure to the air. You can easily fill in your favorite perfume and can carry it on the go, it comes in great range of colors. What I loved the most I usually take my perfume to the evening events, and taking the regular or even the smaller size perfume was taking lots of my clutches space or some times since I had a smaller size clutch I had to leave my perfume which was bothering me. Plus I find it easier to carry this while traveling, you can easily refill it from airport’s duty-free without any hassle. IMG_1307FullSizeRender (8)FullSizeRender (9)

Kusshi Kick Starter Makeup Bag – ($99 for the full fabric set) is a makeup and brush organizer where you can easily store you makeup products and makeup brushes on the go to, it comes in beautiful bright colors. You can use both or you can snap out the makeup brushes organizer from the cover and easily snap it into the make up bag to keep things tidy. It comes in nice and high quality fabric covers but you can upgrade yours with a leather Finnish as well.

FullSizeRender (7)IMG_1293


IMG_1372 IMG_1371 IMG_1298You can customize the Makeup Brush Organizer as your own way to really keep thing nice and neat for your own preference.   IMG_1391 (1) IMG_1392 (1)

IMG_1292I hope you all find this New Travel Essentials helpful, especially if you’re some one on the go and always use carry on, I find these new beauty products and organizers will make traveling much easier or if you’re some one like me with two little ones, these beauty products will definitely add freshness to your complexion and you can easily take your essentials without any restrictions stress while your one the go.

Press samples include items from Bioderma, Kusshi and Travalo. All others purchased by me.