Nars | Soft Matte Complete Foundation & Concealer

Do you guys get excited when you find out about a new base as much I get excited? I am SUPER EXCITED to find new base additions from Nars Cosmetics. Nars Cosmetics just introduced a new foundation to their Soft Matte Velvet collection and they introduced new shades to their concealer line.
I have been a long time lover for their concealers especially Soft Matte Velvet line that works like wonders. In general Nars Cosmetics really does well when it comes to complexion products especially foundation and concealer – if you have tried it you know what I mean.

Here is a closer look at these new bases.

Soft Matte Complete Foundation

Soft Matte

Complete Foundation (C$53.00 for 45 mL) is a full coverage base that looks natural with an amazing lasting power. Its AMAZING! Its a foundation that is oxidation-resistance so it looks like your skin at the end of the day, shine proof yet finishes skin with a nice glow and and the Hydramatte Balances excess sebum makes complexion look fresh and healthy. It literally cover every thing and its a matte foundation that feels comfortable and finishes the skin with a silky velvet finish that works like a filter. It comes in a great 34 shades that covers all skin tones.

I received them in three shades:

  • Deauville is a light with golden under tones that I found works really well on my skin tone.
  • Punjab is a medium light skin shade with yellow under tones still works on my skin tone yet it slightly looks a bit peachy.
  • Vallauris is a medium light color with pink undertones

The foundation sets nicely and once its set it doesn’t move nor budge so you really don’t need powder to set your foundation. You really don’t need a lot with this foundation so a nice buildable foundation. I found the lasting power is quite amazing and if you have a dry skin like me a nice hydrating serum, primer or spray will do wonders. Its a transfer-proof formula that will be nice to your white collars.
To get that nice natural look try to apply it with your finger tips and it transforms your skin, yet using a stapling brush will give you that full coverage look. You have to keep in mind to apply the foundation on each section since it sets really fast. I used a stapling brush in the above picture.

Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Nars Cosmetics introduced new shades to the Soft Matte Complete Concealer ($39.00 for 6.2 g) and if you haven’t tried this before this is a full coverage matte concealer that sets comfortably under eye area and its oil free. I have been a long time lover for this concealer for its blurring effect and how it carries that soft velvet finish that doesn’t look flat on skin especially under eye area. I absolutely love this one for warmer days for its lasting power and finish.

Nars Cosmetics introduced 18 new shades and I got to test 3 of them. I found I can use all three shades defiantly on my complexion. I couldn’t be happier to use my favorite formula all different ways.

  • Nougatine is a light skin shade with yellow undertones which I absolute love for my under eye area.
  • Marron Glace is light skin shade with neutral undertones it works great to spot treat my skin with.
  • Madeleine light to medium skin shade with yellow undertones again its a very nice corrector for my under eye area.

I have used this formula in Vanilla before which its slightly pinky (you can clearly see the difference) yet it brightens up my under eye area. I think I found a new shade (Nougatine) that looks even better on my skin.

At the end the collection is phenomenal. The foundation is medium buildable cover that looks beautiful on skin with amazing lasting power. I absolutely love the new additions to the concealer range so now I have a perfect match to my skin. You can now find all the newness available at Sephora and

Press samples provided and courtesy of Nars Cosmetics.