Laneige | Water Bank 24-hour Ultimate Hydration

As many of you know by now that I had a big crush on Korean beauty products for a while now, and the Water Bank skin care is well-known in Korean skin care. This Water Bank line from Laneige is formulated with exclusive Biogen Tenology and Hydro Ionized Mineral Water which delivers skin maximum hydration where it tones and re-texturizes the skin. This Water Bank line includes: Serum, Eye Gel, Gel cream and Moisture cream.

  • Water Bank Serum (C$46 for 60 ml) – is one of the most rehydrating serum for smoother skin, the regular use of this serum gives skin more toned and creates a silky texture. It gives an 24-hour ultimate hydration to the skin, the texture is very light and smooth and is ideal for all skin types. For me one pump covered my whole face. I would highly recommend for those who seek hydration in their skin care, it literally gives skin a supple look.   
  • Water Bank Eye Gel (C$46 for 25 ml) – this Gel Eye cream is designed to gives under eye skin a fresh and more radiant look with the Biogen Technology. The texture is very light and gets into the skin immediately. I do experience a very dry skin under my eye area and most of the times just eye cream doesn’t help with the hydration for my skin, I usually use oil treatments over night for more hydrated skin but I have been using this Water Bank Eye gel over three weeks without the use of any night treatment oils and I must say my under eye skin looks well hydrated and my concealer doesn’t cake under the eye.
  • Water Bank Gel Cream (C$42 for 50 ml) – is a very light weight hydration cream which is ideal for normal to oily skin especially in warm weather. It carries a very gel like texture and get into the skin by touch leaving skin smooth and silky. It’s enriched with six ionized minerals in Hydro Ionized Mineral Water which locks in the moisture for 24 hours and the Winter Cyperss polysachharid extract soothes irritated skin.
  • Water Bank Moisture Cream (C$42 for 50 ml) – is a highly moisturizer cream ideal for normal to dry skin, I was very happy to use this especially during winter time where I need high concentrated cream to keep my skin well hydrated during those harsh winter weathers. This Moisture Cream retains moisture all day long and Patented Hydro Ionized Mineral Water restores and retains ideal hydration levels. The texture is much thicker than the Gel Cream, it’s very rich texture and sinks into the skin instantly.

Over all I was very pleased with the Water Bank line from Laneige. If you’re some one who wanted to start with a skin care and especially if you’re seeking for hydration, I would highly recommend to consider the Water Bank line from Laneige. Especially the Eye Gel gives under eye skin immediate hydration where it needs the most. You can find the Water Bank line in store at Sephora as well as online at and

Water Bank line provided courtesy of Laneige for review.