La Prairie | Skin Caviar Eye Lift Serum & Creme Luxe Yeux

Latest from La Prairie on their Skin Caviar line is the new Skin Caviar Eye Lift Serum and Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream. This is one of the most exciting and one of the most anticipated launches I was waiting for this year. Skin Caviar line is designed for all skin textures and probably a phenomenon encapsulated delivery system which contains active ingredients, including Caviar Extract in caviar beats that makes the line very unique. La Prairie presented these products by hosting a nice and grand dinner evening.

Skin Caviar is a skin care line from La Prairie that have been an amazing and very ideal skin care line for my skin texture. I have been continually been using the products in between my testing session. As many of you know I have always been struggling with my under eye area for the longest years yet this year I was supper happy with quite some of the launches and new finds from many brands including the Skin Caviar line.
There are quite different forms of caviar but here I want to show case the four forms of Caviar that La Prairie uses in their Skin Caviar formulas:

  • Caviar Extract – A rich source of marine nutrients that help nourish skin
  • Caviar Water – Is produced using a state-of-the-art steam distillation process that ensures that most volatile active ingredient of Caviar are completely captured
  • Caviar Absolute – Through pressing and centrifugation, lipids and proteins are  isolated to better capture their power
  • Caviar Priemier – Is a breakthrough Caviar science that augments natural Caviar Extract with Caviar Mimetics, pushing the boundaries of performance

This was just a glamps of how the formulas works while you will have a better idea of how these products been formulated with different forms of Caviar to maximize the effectiveness and quality of the formula for better results. 

Skin Caviar Eye Lift Serum ($625.00 made in Switzerland) is a lightweight gravity-defying eye serum that is formulated with Caviar Extract and provides an immediate lifting effect while helping skin to left and firm over long-term. This is one of the eye  serums for the entire eye area, including brow bone. This is a combination of encapsulated Caviar beads along with gel-cream emulsion that is enriched with Caviar Premier. Both formulas are kept separately to maximize the efficiency of the ingredients, and it gets activated with every pump out of the packaging.
Skin Caviar Eye Lift Serum is one of the formulas where you really see the results within a week of regular use. It not only works on the under eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles, you also see a much noticeable results on brow bone area and upper lids which I find over time they snug up the skin, creating more lifted look.

The results are quite unprecedented. I have introduced the formula about more than two weeks ago to my daily skin care routine (day and night) and seeing my upper lids look more tightened and under eye are looks super smooth weekly. The texture feels and smells super luxurious. It gets into the skin immediately and the subtle plumpness is noticeable, I have been wearing it many times before applying my makeup to prepare my skin and it literally smooths out every thing i need to smooth out under my eye area and foundation and concealer looks flawless. This is one of the products that a little goes a long time while the results are quite noticeable.

Skin Caviar Crème Luxe Yeux ($523.00) is a remaster version of their eye moisturize infused with new caviar incarnation. This is one of the eye creams that goes beyond what was previously introduced to the Skin Caviar line. Unfortunately I have not used the pervious formula to give out in-depth analysis of the difference between two but I’m just supper happy with this newly reformulated version.

The formula targets all signs of aging in the most delicate area of the face like loss of firmness and elasticity as well as fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and under eye circles. I think the formula is really suitable for all skin texture especially for those with dry skin. The Skin Caviar Luxe Yeux crème penetrates quickly without feeling too greasy or heavy on skin.

The texture carries a super rich finish with soft silky feel. It is accompanied with a silver spatula to sweep out a small amount onto the fingertips. I personally always slightly warm up the product between my finger tips and after I start applying to all over the under eye area and with this one continue going over upper lids as well. Yet I always message the area with a super gentle tapping motion for couple of seconds starting from inner to the outer corners of the eyes and slowly I transform the motion to more lifting massage going upwards till the product is absorbed into the skin.

La Prairie have always been a brand very close to my heart and the Skin Caviar line is a line I can see myself as long as I can imagine. I think their products are versatile, where there are no boundaries for skin types and textures. I think its a perfect time to gift any of the products for your loved ones and I can assure you that they will appreciate you for their look for the up coming year. At the end both products are quite amazing and a super hit for me! You can find both now available at Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Press samples are provided and courtesy of La Prairie.